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강좌일 강의제목 강연자
2019.12.02 (월) 1. ketamine treatment in chronic and cancer pain / 2. The Burden of Cancer / 3. 3주기 의료기관인증 관련 의사직변경사항 안내 김양현 외 1인(마취통증의학과)
2019.11.25 (월) 1. 8-week experience at Massachusetts General Hospital / 2. 3-month experience at NIRS and Gunma Univ. Hospital in Japan 김호진 외 1인(임상의학연구부)
2019.11.04 (월) 1. Integrative drug testing platform in breast cancer/ 2. Burden of HPV-related diseases: Cancers and benign diseases 이근석 외 1인(혈액종양내과분과)
2019.10.21 (월) 1. Current Treatment Trend for Gastric Cancer /2. One year experience at Trinity Western University(Canada) as a visiting scholar 박영이 외 1인(혈액종양내과분과)
2019.10.14 (월) Integrated Bone Health Management Throughout the Cancer Continuum MATTHEW R. SMITH, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital)
2019.10.07 (월) 1. One-year experience in UCI as a visiting scholar / 2. Safe expansion of living donor pool 김선호 외 1인(영상의학과)
2019.09.23 (월) 1. One year spent at Stanford as a translational researcher in the genome era/ 2. Upper Extremity Dysfunction after Breast Cancer 이은경2 외 1인(이행성연구부)
2019.09.02 (월) 1. Erythropoietin and Malignancy / 2. Deep learning liver-tumor segmentation 김기원 외 1인(신장내과분과)
2019.08.05 (월) 1. Surgery of Esophageal Cancer in NCC / 2. A nationwide, population - based epidemiologic study of childhood brain tumors in Korea 이종목 외 1인(흉부외과)
2019.07.15 (월) 1. Management of ovarian cancer - update / 2. Chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity 서상수 외 1인(산부인과)
2019.07.01 (월) 1. Pitfalls in Pathologic Diagnosis of Lung Adenocarcinoma / 2. Korean Lung Cancer Screening Project (K-LUCAS) 이건국 외 1인(정밀의학연구부)
2019.06.17 (월) 1. The issues and clinical studies for the T4 and colon cancer/ 2. One year experience for IARC 박형철 외 1인(대장암센터)
2019.06.03 (월) 신규 의사직 향후 업무계획 발표 Ⅴ 송기훈 외 1인(피부과)
2019.05.27 (월) 신규 의사직 향후 업무계획 발표 Ⅳ 민승기 외 1인(치과)
2019.05.20 (월) 신규 의사직 향후 업무계획 발표 Ⅲ 심효은 외 1인(진단검사의학과)
2019.04.15 (월) 신규 의사직 향후 업무계획 발표 Ⅱ 박종웅 외 1인(정형외과)
2019.04.01 (월) 신규 의사직 향후업무계획 발표 박소정 외 1인(중앙호스피스센터)
2019.03.18 (월) 1. Gastric Cancer Surgeon in MIT / 2. 신규 임용자 소개 윤홍만(융합기술연구부)
2019.03.04 (월) 1. Second primary cancers in patients with oral cavity cancer included in the Korea Central Cancer Registry / 2. Recent advances in B-cell lymphoma 최성원 외 1인(임상의학연구부)
2019.02.25 (월) 1. Introduction of extracorporeal life support(ECLS) / 2. Rab8 and Rabin8 mediate EGFR and FGFR signaling pathways 최진호 외 1인(흉부외과)
2019.02.11 (월) 전임의 CDA 발표 김지예 외 6인(병리과)
2019.01.21 (월) 1. Research activities in supportive care experienced at the National Cancer Center Japan/ 2. Inconsistency of mutation calls and drug responses in cell line databases 김종흔 외 1인(통합케어센터)
2019.01.07 (월) 1. 신규 의사직 향후 업무계획 발표 / 2. Enhance CDK4/6 inhibition in Cyclin D1/CDK6 amplified Squamous cell cancer 권지웅 외 1인(신경외과)
2018.12.17 (월) 1. Tamoxifen resistance and DNA methylation / 2. Application of Brca1-mutant mouse model in improving the prevention and treatment of BRCA1-associated breast cancer 강한성 외 1인(유방암센터)
2018.12.03 (월) 1. Development of ovarian cancer metastasis inhibitors through drug repositioning / 2. Identifying relevant factors and mechanisms of cancer stem cell expansion by colorectal cancer microenvironment 허균 외 1인(면역치료연구과)
2018.11.19 (월) 1. One year experience for breast cancer survivorship research / 2. Ups and Downs of Cancer Gene Therapy 정소연 외 1인(암환자헬스케어연구과)
2018.11.05 (월) 1. Extracellular kinase as novel cancer marker and target/ 2. MRI-guided brachytherapy for cervix cancer 김윤희 외 1인(분자영상연구과)
2018.10.15 (월) 1. Systems Epidemiology: A New Direction in Cancer Research / 2. One Year in the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) 김정선 외 1인(암의생명과학과)
2018.10.01 (월) 1. Financial Support Systems For the Cancer Patients & their Family / 2. Robotic Surgery in Ncc Urology 양형국 외 1인(암정책지원과)
2018.09.17 (월) 1. Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Screening and Monitoring / 2. Genomic approach for adult soft tissue sarcoma at NCC 조영남 외 1인(생체표지자연구과)
2018.09.03 (월) 1. Evidence-Based Practice / 2. Evaluation of QOL after function-preserving gastrectomy 명승권 외 1인(암의생명과학과)
2018.08.20 (월) 1. Lifelong care for childhood cancer survivors?/ 2. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and Extrahepatic complication 주희영 외 1인(소아청소년암센터)
2018.08.06 (월) 1. A non-coding RNA’s role in sensitivity to a cancer therapeutic drug/ 2. Radiotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma 이용선 외 1인(암의생명과학과)
2018.07.16 (월) 1. Disease Model Discovery from Mouse Phenotyping / 2. Management of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Colorectal Cancer 조수영 외 1인(생물정보분석팀)
2018.07.02 (월) 1. Regulation of Cancer Stemness / 2. Intravesical therapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer 장현철 외 1인(암발생전이연구과)
2018.06.18 (월) 1. Lung cancer and pulmonary emphysema from a radiologist's perspective / 2. Introduction of diagnostic ultrasound techniques and its clinical application 임현주 외 1인(영상의학과)
2018.06.04 (월) 1. Management of colorectal cancer liver metastasis/2. What happens when immune system meets cancer ?: Focus on the Immunosurveillance by TIM-3 차용준 외 1인(대장암센터)
2018.05.28 (월) 1. Genome-wide association study for thyroid cancer/ 2. Air pollution and health effect 황보율 외 1인(갑상선암센터)
2018.05.14 (월) 1. CNBP controls the transcription of inflammatory cytokine and tumor-promoting genes/ 2. Physical activity for cancer survivors 이성욱 외 1인(면역치료연구과)
2018.04.16 (월) 1.Introduction to Pilot Project for Korean National Cancer Survivorship Program/ 2.Long-term outcomes after endoscopic resection for early gastric cancer
2018.04.02 (월) 1. Competing Risks Survival and Cause of Death in Cancer Patients/ 2.Teaching Radiologic Images to Computer 조현순 외 1인(암관리학과)
2018.03.19 (월) 1.Recent changes in pathogenesis of gynecologic cancer/ 2.chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy 유종우 외 1인(병리과)
2018.03.05 (월) 1.Epidemiology of Liver Cancer in South Korea/ 2.cardiotoxicity associated with cancer therapy 김보현 외 1인(호발암연구과)
2018.02.26 (월) Nutritional support for cancer patients 한성식(간담도췌장암센터)
2018.02.12 (월) 임상연구검색포털 소개 최귀선(암관리학과)
2018.02.05 (월) Medical illustration - A powerful communication tool in medicine 류준선(두경부종양클리닉)
2018.01.29 (월) 2017년도 CDA(Career Development Awards) 연구결과 발표
2018.01.22 (월) Alternative splicing machinary and computational analysis approach using RNA-Seq 박찬이(생물정보분석팀)
2018.01.15 (월) Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Cancer Therapy: Radiologists’ Perspectives 이수현(영상의학과)
2018.01.08 (월) Effectiveness of colorectal cancer screening in Korea 서민아(암검진사업과)
2017.12.18 (월) Supportive care for cancer survivors 김종흔(통합케어센터)
2017.12.11 (월) Update on thoracic anesthesia 김지희(폐암센터)
2017.12.04 (월) Lung-RADS (Lung CT Screening Reporting and Data System) and Application in K-LUCAS (Korean Lung Cancer Screening) 김혜영(영상의학과)
2017.11.27 (월) Journey with Ovarian Cancer 임명철(암환자헬스케어연구과)
2017.11.20 (월) Measuring exposure to tobacco smoke for health risk assessment 임민경(암관리학과)
2017.11.13 (월) anesthesia and cancer recurrence 윤정연(자궁난소암센터)
2017.11.06 (월) Helicobacter pylori treatment for gastric cancer prevention - Current evidence and NCC clinical trials. 최일주(암역학예방연구부)
2017.10.30 (월) Experience of FAIRY multi center trial and Patient Blood Management 김영우(암관리학과)
2017.10.23 (월) Breast cancer surgery in the era of neoadjuvant chemotherapy 이시연(암예방검진센터)
2017.10.16 (월) Interventional Endoscopy and Safety: Experiences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 이종열(위암센터)
2017.09.25 (월) Outcome of US Guided Breast Biopsy 고경란(생체표지자연구과)
2017.09.18 (월) New therapeutic modality in patient with breast cancer 이은숙(면역치료연구과)
2017.09.11 (월) Development of class-based cancer prevention education program 계수연(암지식정보센터)
2017.09.04 (월) Crosstalk of FA/BRCA DNA damage pathway with AMPK, a cellular energy sensor protein 이창헌(암생물학연구부)
2017.08.28 (월) Portal Vein Stenting 김현범(영상의학과)
2017.08.21 (월) Interventional pain management 김대현(마취통증의학과)
2017.08.14 (월) hydronephrosis due to malignant ureteral obstruction 김성한(암중개연구과)
2017.08.07 (월) Endoscopic full-thickness resection 김찬규(호발암연구과)
2017.07.31 (월) Subcentimeter(<1cm) Hepatocelluar Carcinoma 고영환(영상의학과)
2017.07.24 (월) Essential Items for Structured Reporting of Rectal Cancer MRI: 2016 Consensus Recommendation from the KSAR 허보윤(영상의학과)
2017.07.17 (월) Research for Evidence-Based Cancer Screening Program in Korea 최귀선(암관리학과)
2017.07.10 (월) Gallbladder disease?: US-CT/MRI Correlation emphasis on differential points of flat wall thickening of GB 김수진(영상의학과)
2017.07.03 (월) Minimally Invasive Mediastinal Staging of Lung Cancer 황보빈(호발암연구과)
2017.06.26 (월) Sarcomas: translating gene expression into clinical care Torsten O. NIELSEN(University of British Columbia)
2017.06.19 (월) IPMN: malignant risk stratification with imaging 이주희(영상의학과)
2017.06.12 (월) Particulate matter and respiratory disease 강효재(폐암센터)
2017.06.05 (월) MET in lung cancer 이영주(암중개연구과)
2017.05.29 (월) Robotic approaches to the neck 박주용(구강종양클리닉)
2017.05.22 (월) Incidence and risk factors for mandibular osteoradionecrosis in the modern era 문성호(입자치료연구과)
2017.05.15 (월) Acute myeloid leukemia: advances in diagnosis and treatment 이혜원(정밀의료연구과)
2017.05.08 (월) Imaging of pulmonary embolism in cancer patients 임근영(영상의학과)
2017.04.24 (월) Background mucosal changes in gastric cancer 국명철(생체표지자연구과)
2017.04.17 (월) Clinical and Molecular Prognostic Factors in Osteosarcoma: Where Do We Stand? 김준혁(근골격종양클리닉)
2017.04.10 (월) Texture Analysis: Technique, Clinical Applications and Challenges for Tumor Response to Treatment with Focus on Colorectal Cancer 김민주(대장암센터)
2017.04.03 (월) Targeting oncomir for cancer therapeutics 김종헌(암발생전이연구과)
2017.03.27 (월) Early Prediction of Response to NAC in Breast Cancer: Application of Functional Imaging 김윤주(영상의학과)
2017.03.20 (월) Diagnosis and Treatment of ocular adnexal lymphoma 정수경(안클리닉)
2017.03.13 (월) Hyponatremia in Cancer Patients 이재욱(암감시조사과)
2017.03.06 (월) Colonoscopy Surveillance - Guidelines and Practice 홍창원(암예방검진센터)
2017.02.27 (월) Mercury Exposure and Health Effects : Mothers and Children’s Environmental Health Study? 김병미(암정책지원과)
2017.02.20 (월) Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for HR positive or HER2 positive breast cancer 심성훈(유방암센터)
2017.02.13 (월) Breast cancer risk stratification in population using germline variants information 박보영(암관리학과)
2017.02.06 (월) Implication of Structural Information in Cancer Research 김현숙(바이오분자기능연구과)
2017.01.23 (월) Local excision of cT3 rectal cancer showing major response after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy 김민정(대장암센터)
2017.01.16 (월) Local and pedicled flap in head and neck cancer surgery 정유석(특수암연구과)
2017.01.09 (월) Genetically modified mouse models in cancer research 이호(암의생명과학과)
2016.12.26 (월) New perspectives in treatment of hematologic malignancy 엄현석(혈액암센터)
2016.12.19 (월) Gene signature-based surgical decision making: lymphadenectomy issue in endometrial cancer 강석범(부인암연구과)
2016.12.12 (월) Proton Beam Therapy for recurrenct colorectal cancer 김대용(대장암연구과)
2016.12.05 (월) Strategy in the treatment of spinal metastasis 신상훈(뇌척수종양클리닉)
2016.11.28 (월) The driving power of histone variant mutations in tumorigenesis Anders Lindroth(암의생명과학과)
2016.11.21 (월) Natural Orifice Surgery 손대경(의공학연구과)
2016.11.14 (월) Exploiting Synthetic Lethality for the Treatments of Solid Tumors 윤탁(특수암연구과)
2016.11.07 (월) the state of fertility preservation 정연경(암예방검진센터)
2016.10.31 (월) Digital pathology 박원서(진단검사센터)
2016.10.24 (월) DIffusion-weighted MRI in head and neck cancer 이상현(영상의학과)
2016.10.17 (월) Papillary Neoplasms of the Breast 권영미(유방내분비암연구과)
2016.10.10 (월) The IARC research program on Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer ROLANDO HERRERO(International Agency for Research on Cancer)
2016.09.26 (월) Targeting Cancer Universality: A Successful Scientific Deductive Method 김수열(기초실용화연구부)
2016.09.19 (월) Hospice home care 안은미(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2016.09.12 (월) Advances in systemict reatment for patient with metastatic prostate cancer WILLIAM K.OH(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
2016.09.05 (월) Clinical and laboratory challenge to treat leptomeningeal metastasis 곽호신(암의생명과학과)
2016.08.29 (월) Cell tracking by magnetic resonance imaging using ferritin in atherosclerosis and cancer mouse models 이찬화(영상의학과)
2016.08.22 (월) Aptamer-based strategy for cancer cell-specific targeting 김윤희(분자영상치료연구과)
2016.08.08 (월) borderline resectable pancreatic cancer 이우진(간담췌암연구과)
2016.08.01 (월) Comparison of pretreatment and quantification methods for Polarized Light Microscope(PLM) analysis of bulk asbestos samples 황성호(암예방사업과)
2016.07.25 (월) Cancer Patient Cohort Study 남병호(암관리학과)
2016.07.18 (월) Stool-based Colorectal Cancer Screening: Considering Issues in the National Cancer Screening Program 전재관(암지식정보센터)
2016.07.11 (월) Stepwise Implementation of the Ovarian Tumor Imaging 김선호(영상의학과)
2016.07.04 (월) Long-term follow-up results of early colorectal cancer 한경수(암예방검진센터)
2016.06.27 (월) Precision Medicine in NCC: the Mission Initiative 한지연(정밀의학연구부)
2016.06.20 (월) The influence of tobacco control policy on quit attempts and quit success 윤이화(암예방사업과)
2016.06.13 (월) Acute hyperglycemia associated with anti-cancer medication 이은경(유방내분비암연구과)
2016.05.30 (월) Care of the bereaved family of cancer patients 최진영(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2016.05.23 (월) The roles of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-beta in lung cancer 윤경실(폐암연구과)
2016.05.16 (월) Conditional survival of cancer patients in Korea using population-based cancer registry data 정규원(암등록사업과)
2016.05.09 (월) MS 444, HuR inhibition 유금혜(암예방검진센터)
2016.05.02 (월) Patterns of care study of treatment for extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type: the Korean Radiation Oncology Group (KROG) study 서양권(암의생명과학과)
2016.04.25 (월) Preclinical and early-phase clinical studies in NCC: Towards a leading phase I trial center 김학균(바이오분자기능연구과)
2016.04.18 (월) Risks of subsequent primary cancers: a Nationwide, population-based study in Korea 원영주(암등록사업과)
2016.04.11 (월) Molecular and Immunologic Therapies in HCC: Present and Future 박중원(간담췌암연구과)
2016.04.04 (월) EGFR activation and mutations in cancers: view from the structural biology & Virtual screening at NCC 이병일(바이오분자기능연구과)
2016.03.28 (월) Molecular Imaging Techniques for Precise Surgery 김석기(분자영상치료연구과)
2016.03.21 (월) some clinical issues about low risk thyroid cancer 이유진(갑상선암센터)
2016.03.14 (월) Diet-Gene Interaction in the Risk of Gastric Cancer 김정선(암관리학과)
2016.03.07 (월) ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) with best supportive care program for pancreatoduodenectomy 박상재(이행성임상제1연구부)
2016.02.29 (월) Emerging Role of LOXL2 in the Promotion of Cancer invasiveness and metastasis. 동승명(분자역학연구과)
2016.02.22 (월) Basic concept of Immunotherapy and Immunotherapy in cancer Tanguy Y. Seiwert(The University of Chicago)
2016.02.15 (월) Cancer genomics using BIG data 홍동완(종양면역학연구과)
2016.02.01 (월) Voice change in cancer patients 유창환(갑상선암센터)
2016.01.25 (월) How to control glucose level during LDLT 이순애(간담도췌장암센터)
2016.01.18 (월) Preclinical evaluation of selective inhibitors of nuclear export (KPT330) in breast cancer 박인혜(유방내분비암연구과)
2016.01.11 (월) Correlation of Aneuploidy Detection by FISH and TP53 Mutation Status with Clinical Outcomes in Lung Adenocarcinoma 박석연(병리과)
2015.12.28 (월) surgical treatment of ground glass opacity of lung 김문수(폐암센터)
2015.12.21 (월) Point-of-care Diagnostics in Resource-limited Settings 황상현(혈액암연구과)
2015.12.14 (월) Application of zebrafish models for cancer research 배영기(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2015.12.07 (월) Population-based cancer survival: When does it mean progress against cancer? 조현순(암관리학과)
2015.11.30 (월) Quality of end-of-life care 장윤정(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2015.11.23 (월) Does the patient subset of locally advanced cervical cancer with high carbonic anhydrase 9 expression benefit from prophylactic irradiation of para-aortic lymph nodes?: A randomized, open-label, multicenter, phase II trial KROG 07-01 김주영(이행성임상제2연구부)
2015.11.16 (월) KMT2C is Frequently Mutated in Diffuse Gastric Adenocarcinoma and KMT2C Restoration Inhibits Cancer Stem-Like Cell and EMT Phenotypes 조수정(위암연구과)
2015.11.09 (월) Venous thromboembolism in cancer patients 곽미향(심장클리닉)
2015.11.02 (월) Development & Evaluation of Cancer Risk Prediction Models 남병호(암관리학과)
2015.10.26 (월) Anesthesia and sedation outside of the operating room 정해정(유방암센터)
2015.10.19 (월) How to evaluate tumor regression grade in rectal cancer after chemoradiotherapy? 장희진(대장암연구과)
2015.10.12 (월) Discovery of c-Myc inhibitors for bladder cancer treatment 정경채(바이오분자기능연구과)
2015.10.05 (월) Living Donor Right Hepatectomy in National Cancer Center, Korea 김성훈(간담췌암연구과)
2015.09.21 (월) Study of Hypothetical Gene: A Putative p53 Regulator 고성호(암유전체연구과)
2015.09.14 (월) Onconephrology 김기원(신장클리닉)
2015.09.07 (월) Recent achievements in tobacco control in korea 서홍관(암예방검진센터)
2015.08.31 (월) Epidemiologic investigation of MERS-CoV outbreak in Korea 기모란(암관리학과)
2015.08.24 (월) Controlling the Cycle with multiple layer 김경태(분자역학연구과)
2015.08.17 (월) Rectal Neuroendocrine Tumor (Carcinoid) 김병창(대장암연구과)
2015.08.10 (월) Targeted therapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma : NCC Experience 정진수(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2015.08.03 (월) Behavioral risk evaluation on cancer with European data 오진경(암예방검진부)
2015.07.27 (월) Trend and Evidence of Lymph Node Dissection in Gastric Cancer 류근원(위암연구과)
2015.07.20 (월) Chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity 김학진(암예방검진센터)
2015.07.13 (월) Visiting Stanford Hospital 2013-2014 and Mers in Korea 최영주(감염클리닉)
2015.07.06 (월) biliary tract cancer-controversies and challenges 우상명(간담도췌장암센터)
2015.06.29 (월) circulating tumor cells and metastasis 김용연(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2015.06.22 (월) Genetic alteration in low-grade diffuse gliomas (WHO grade II ) 김영호(임상역학연구과)
2015.06.15 (월) Proton therapy for lung cancer 문성호(폐암센터)
2015.06.08 (월) Making history of minimal invasive surgery for metastatic bone cancer 강현귀(근골격종양클리닉)
2015.06.01 (월) Functional Cancer Genome Analysis by newly developed genome editing tool: CRISPR-Cas System 이연수(암유전체연구과)
2015.05.18 (월) Revised KSThR (Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology) Recommendations for Thyroid Nodules; K-TIRADS 이창윤(영상의학과)
2015.05.11 (월) contralateral breast and extramammary findings on MRI 고경란(영상의학과)
2015.05.04 (월) Molecular repositioning of Parkinson’s disease-associated genes in glioblastoma 박종배(암의생명과학과)
2015.04.27 (월) Nurse Staffing Level and Quality of Care 권정아(암정책지원과)
2015.04.20 (월) Quantitative imaging analysis in 3D medical imaging 김광기(의공학연구과)
2015.04.13 (월) ABO incompatible living donor liver transplantation 이승덕(간담도췌장암센터)
2015.04.06 (월) Novel TNFRSF member RELT: A regulator of signaling thresholds in DAMP-mediated immune activation 최범규(종양면역학연구과)
2015.03.30 (월) Economic Aspects of Cancer 김영애(암정책지원과)
2015.03.23 (월) Extracorporeal Life Support in Critically Ill Patients 전재현(폐암센터)
2015.03.16 (월) Consequences of Incomplete Smoke-free Legislation in the Republic of Korea 박은영(발암원관리사업과)
2015.03.09 (월) Future Plans & Strategies of Velos System: Overall Views Amar chahal(Velos)
2015.03.02 (월) Combating resistance to hypoxia and anti-IGFR antibody by targeting the pathway of SIRT1-AMPK and Integrin beta3-Src in NSCLC and HNSCC 신동훈(폐암연구과)
2015.02.23 (월) HPV vaccine update 서상수(자궁난소암센터)
2015.02.16 (월) Subjective well-being: happiness and satisfaction with life 박기호(암정책지원과)
2015.02.09 (월) End of life care in acute care setting 조현정(통합케어센터)
2015.02.02 (월) Epidemiology of thyroid cancer 오창모(암등록사업과)
2015.01.26 (월) Statistical methods in cancer research 주정남(바이오메트릭연구과)
2015.01.19 (월) Recurrence Prediction of Stage I Lung Adenocarcinoma after Surgical Resection 양희철(폐암센터)
2015.01.12 (월) New insights into castration?resistant prostate cancer progression and novel therapeutic approaches 명재경(암의생명과학과)
2015.01.05 (월) Optimization of extent of lymph node dissection for gastric cancer 김영우(위암연구과)
2014.12.29 (월) Molecular Imaging and Therapy Agents developed at NCC Korea 최용두(분자영상치료연구과)
2014.12.22 (월) Surgical Management of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma : Experience of National Cancer Center 박주용(구강종양클리닉)
2014.12.15 (월) Genomic approaches for monitoring tumor progression 윤경아(폐암연구과)
2014.12.08 (월) Metabolic syndrome and Liver Disease 박범준(암예방검진센터)
2014.12.01 (월) Cancer Therapeutic Strategies Targeting DNA Damage Response 김선신(정밀의학연구과)
2014.11.24 (월) Genetic counseling for cancer patients and families: Genetic counseling clinic in NCC 공선영(임상역학연구과)
2014.11.17 (월) Leptomeningeal metastasis 김호진(특수암연구과)
2014.11.10 (월) Nutritional Support for cancer patient in ICU 이종목(폐암센터)
2014.11.03 (월) The C. elegans model; from basic research to application 심재갈(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2014.10.27 (월) Regulation of microtubule-kinetochore interaction by NCAPG2 and PLK1 during mitosis 이병일(바이오분자기능연구과)
2014.10.20 (월) The application of near-infrared flouroscence (NIR-F) imaging system in breast cancer surgery 정소연(유방내분비암연구과)
2014.10.13 (월) The prospecs for robotic surgery 조영호(혁신기술과)
2014.10.06 (월) Detection of copy-number changes in cancer and its clinical application 홍경만(분자종양학연구과)
2014.09.29 (월) DNA methylation in breast cancer (ver. II) 강한성(유방내분비암연구과)
2014.09.22 (월) Host Factors in Relation to Persistence of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Carcinogenesis 김미경(임상역학연구과)
2014.09.15 (월) management of chronic migraine headache with peripheral nerve stimulation 김양현(비뇨기암센터)
2014.09.01 (월) LOME (LOw-Mass-ion Discriminant Equation;A New Concept for Cancer Screening) & Its Current State for Clinical Use 유병철(대장암연구과)
2014.08.25 (월) Key factors shaping and regulating the inflammation-associated microenvironments 박은정(암의생명과학과)
2014.08.18 (월) Repositioning anti-malarial drugs for resistant cancers 윤성필(유방내분비암연구과)
2014.08.11 (월) Long-term Follow Up Care of Childhood Cancer Survivors 박현진(소아청소년암센터)
2014.08.04 (월) Metabolism and autophagy: pathways for potential cancer therapeutics 정희선(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2014.07.28 (월) Intramucosal cancer of colon 홍창원(암예방검진센터)
2014.07.21 (월) 휴강
2014.07.14 (월) Biomarkers in Colorectal cancer 백지연(대장암연구과)
2014.07.07 (월) adenovirus for caner gene therapy 이상진(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2014.06.30 (월) How to deal with mouse model 김상수(방사선의학연구과)
2014.06.23 (월) Therapeutic Application of Oligobodies: a Novel Aptamer-Antibody Hybrid Complex 허균(정밀의학연구과)
2014.06.16 (월) Approaches to the management of early stage papillary thyroid cancer and persistent-recurrent disease Gary L. Clayman(MDAnderson CancerCenter)
2014.06.09 (월) Cervical cancer treatment outcome in National Cancer Center 김연주(자궁난소암센터)
2014.06.02 (월) An approach for cancer cell motility regulation 유혜진(분자종양학연구과)
2014.05.26 (월) Exploration of biomarkers according to breast cancer subtypes 박인혜(유방내분비암연구과)
2014.05.19 (월) Report of Overseas Training Biologic tumor marker in High-Risk Prostate Cancer 정재영(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2014.05.12 (월) Effect of gastrectomy and anastomosis on chronic metabolic disease in early gastric cancer patients 엄방울(위암연구과)
2014.04.28 (월) Integration of MRI in Oncology Prostate Cancer Choi,Haesun(MDAnderson CancerCenter)
2014.04.21 (월) Recent Development of Nanotherapeutics and Future Directions of Cancer Research in the Genome Era Dong Moon Shin(Emory University School of Medicine)
2014.04.14 (월) Thoracic Neuroendocrine Tumors Cesar Moran(MDAnderson CancerCenter)
2014.04.07 (월) Clinical Atmosphere for the Oncologist in Korea 양형국(암정책지원과)
2014.03.31 (월) Current Chemotherapy in Gastric Cancer 박영이(위암센터)
2014.03.24 (월) Histone Variants: Novel Regulators of Cancer Progression 김연재(특수암연구과)
2014.03.17 (월) Late recurrence in breast cancer 이근석(유방암센터)
2014.03.10 (월) Conductive Polymer Nanostructures for Specific Recognition and Electrochemical Release of Circulating Tumor Cells 조영남(정밀의학연구과)
2014.03.03 (월) The Truth about Health Functional Foods 명승권(암예방검진센터)
2014.02.24 (월) Anemia after operation in gastric cancer 윤홍만(위암센터)
2014.02.17 (월) Surgical issues in the treatment of GB cancer 한성식(간담도췌장암센터)
2014.02.10 (월) Comorbidity-Adjusted Life Expectancy: A New Tool to Inform Recommendations for Optimal Screening Strategies 조현순(암등록사업과)
2014.02.03 (월) Current issues in minimally invasive surgery for colorectal cancer. 박성찬(대장암센터)
2014.01.27 (월) Stem cell factors and Cancer 장현철(분자종양학연구과)
2014.01.20 (월) Development and Revision of Guideline for National Cancer Screening Program based on assessment of effectiveness and evidence grading 김열(암검진사업과)
2014.01.13 (월) Radiation dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine 김태성(핵의학과)
2014.01.06 (월) Rehabilitation for cancer patients 정승현(재활의학클리닉)
2013.12.30 (월) Biliary Intervention in Rt Lobe Living Donor Liver Transplantation 김현범(영상의학과)
2013.12.23 (월) Value of diffusion-weighted MR images in colorectal cancer patients 김민주(영상의학과)
2013.12.16 (월) Sedation in Intensive Care Unit 김지희(마취통증의학과)
2013.12.09 (월) eVelos system introduction and some issues 김소희(바이오메트릭연구과)
2013.12.02 (월) Molecular diagnostics 박석연(병리과)
2013.11.25 (월) Implementation of FCTC Article 14 with the Evidence from Research and Practice 임민경(암예방사업과)
2013.11.18 (월) Endoscopic Full-Thickness Resection and Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery. 김찬규(위암연구과)
2013.11.11 (월) Risk assessment to identify high risk group of breast cancer 1) for general population and 2) for BRCA1/2 carriers 박보영(암검진사업과)
2013.11.04 (월) Outcomes of oral and maxillofacial reconstuctions: Experience of National Cancer Center 최성원(특수암연구과)
2013.10.28 (월) Radiologic Findings of Treatment-induced Lung Injury In Cancer Patients 임근영(영상의학과)
2013.10.21 (월) Cost-effectiveness analysis of cancer screening 서민아(암검진사업과)
2013.10.14 (월) Scoring of gastric atrophy and intestinal metaplasia 국명철(병리과)
2013.10.07 (월) Palliative Chemotherapy in HCC 김보현(간담도췌장암센터)
2013.09.30 (월) Performance of fecal occult blood test in the National Cancer Screening Program, Korea 최귀선(암검진사업과)
2013.09.23 (월) update: Cancer Pain 김대현(대장암센터)
2013.09.16 (월) Role of surgery in the treatment of brain metastasis 유헌(특수암연구과)
2013.09.09 (월) Development of a smoking and drinking prevention program 계수연(암지식정보센터)
2013.09.02 (월) EBUS-TBNA in lung cancer staging and diagnosis 황보빈(폐암연구과)
2013.08.26 (월) Imaging findings of Postoperative complication and its treatment in Gastric cancer patients 김수진(영상의학과)
2013.08.19 (월) Clinical experience of Proton Beam Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma 김태현(방사선의학연구과)
2013.08.12 (월) Risk-adapted treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 이혜원(희귀암센터)
2013.08.05 (월) Circulating Tumor Cells and Anoikis Resistance in Tumor Metastasis-Role of EGFR and ROS in Anoikis regulation 김용연(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2013.07.29 (월) Insights into breast and colorectal cancer genetics from Australian population-based case-control-family studies John Hopper(University of Melbourne, Australia)
2013.07.22 (월) Interferon consensus sequence binding protein (ICSBP) promotes epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), cell motility and invasion via TGF-beta signaling in human osteosarcoma cells. 박병규(소아청소년암센터)
2013.07.15 (월) evaluation and management of solitary pulmonary nodules 김혜영(폐암연구과)
2013.07.08 (월) Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma 김준혁(근골격종양클리닉)
2013.07.01 (월) Treatment Outcomes of Localized Prostate Cancer @ NCC 조관호(방사선의학연구과)
2013.06.24 (월) Clinical significance of latent resistance subclone in cancer 이영주(폐암연구과)
2013.06.17 (월) Recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation: impact of microvascular invasion 홍은경(병리과)
2013.06.10 (월) Liver MRI; current techniques and contrast media 이주희(영상의학과)
2013.06.03 (월) CT findings of recurred HCC after curative partial hepatectomy 고영환(영상의학과)
2013.05.27 (월) Interim Report on Phase 1 Clinical Trials with NCC T Cell Therapeutics 권병세(면역세포치료사업단)
2013.05.20 (월) Improved Drug Targeting to Liver Tumors Following Intraarterial Delivery Using SPIO and Iodized Oil: Preclinical Study in a Rabbit Model 이인준(영상의학과)
2013.05.13 (월) Genetically Engineered Mice in NCC 이호(바이오분자기능연구과)
2013.05.06 (월) Multiple lung nodules 이수현(영상의학과)
2013.04.29 (월) breakthrough pain 노지윤(위암센터)
2013.04.22 (월) Hereditary gynecologic cancer 임명철(자궁난소암센터)
2013.04.15 (월) Elucidation of novel protein interactions and functions of FA/BRCA DNA damage pathway 이창헌(분자종양학연구과)
2013.04.08 (월) Thyroid cancer, aggressive treatment is needed? 이유진(갑상선암센터)
2013.04.01 (월) preoperative chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer: what is the optimal treatment? 김선영(대장암센터)
2013.03.25 (월) Distress Management for Cancer Patients 김종흔(통합케어센터)
2013.03.18 (월) Systems biology: translating data to RNA epigenetics in cancer 남승윤(암유전체연구과)
2013.03.11 (월) Molecular switch of tumor suppressive let-7 microRNA turnover 김종헌(분자종양학연구과)
2013.03.04 (월) non-coding RNA in cancer 남수연(암예방검진센터)
2013.02.25 (월) Treatment strategy for locally recurrent rectal cancer 오재환(대장암센터)
2013.02.18 (월) The clinical applications of cancer genome sequencing 홍동완(암유전체연구과)
2013.02.04 (월) Ischemic preconditioning in human neuron-like cells and role of adenosine 1 receptor and PI3K pathway 윤정연(통합케어센터)
2013.01.28 (월) Costs of Cancer Care 김소영(암정보연구과)
2013.01.21 (월) 휴강
2013.01.14 (월) cadherin, a marker of gastric metaplasia and neoplasia 유금혜(암예방검진센터)
2013.01.07 (월) Suppressed Tumor Growth in Orthotopic Bladder Cancer Model by Intravesical Instillation of the c-Myc Inhibitor, KSI-3716 서호경(비뇨기암센터)
2012.12.31 (월) Clinical trial of HIPEC in the management of advaned ovarian cancer at NCC 박상윤(부인암연구과)
2012.12.24 (월) Recent advances in treatment of pediatric soft tissue sarcoma: focus on rhabdomyosarcoma 윤종형(소아청소년암센터)
2012.12.17 (월) The Truth about Vitamin/Antioxidant Supplements and Health Functional Foods 명승권(임상역학연구과)
2012.12.10 (월) The effect of intraoperative fluid restriction on postoperative complications in major hepatopancreaticobiliary(HPB) surgery 이순애(간담도췌장암센터)
2012.12.03 (월) Development and clinical application of NOTES 손대경(대장암센터)
2012.11.26 (월) Ovarian cancer imaging for optimal cytoreductive surgery 김선호(영상의학과)
2012.11.19 (월) Women’s advantage in cancer survival: using the Korea Central Cancer Registry, 2005-2009 정규원(암등록사업과)
2012.11.12 (월) Human papillomavirus vaccination 정연경(자궁난소암센터)
2012.11.05 (월) emerging trends in breast MR imaging 고경란(영상의학과)
2012.10.29 (월) Management of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: an update 박중원(간담췌암연구과)
2012.10.22 (월) Evolution of anti-HER2 therapy in Breast cancer 노정실(유방내분비암연구과)
2012.10.15 (월) Novel treatments for malignant melanoma 윤탁(혈액종양클리닉)
2012.10.08 (월) Meeting the Unique Needs of Cancer Patients Wayne A. Bardwell(UC San Diego Moores Cancer Cente,USA)
2012.09.24 (월) Hormone talks with liver 이은경(갑상선암센터)
2012.09.17 (월) Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma 박상재(간담췌암연구과)
2012.09.10 (월) Education program development for Genetic counselling in USA Roter Debra(Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
2012.09.03 (월) Emerging Role of Lysyl Oxidase Like 2 in Promoting Tumor Metastasis 동승명 외 1인(분자역학연구과)
2012.08.27 (월) 4-1BB (CD137) signaling limits maximum threshold of immune responses in vivo 최범규(종양면역학연구과)
2012.08.20 (월) Deliberations on the Future of Collaborative Stage in cancer registration system 원영주 외 1인(암등록사업과)
2012.08.13 (월) New Trends in HER2 Testing 권영미 외 1인(유방내분비암연구과)
2012.08.06 (월) NOTES Rectosigmoidectomy 한경수 외 1인(암예방검진센터)
2012.07.30 (월) role of endoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic cancer 우상명 외 1인(간담도췌장암센터)
2012.07.23 (월) Targeting and therapeutic strategy for cancer gene therapy: trans-splicing ribozyme 김윤희 외 1인(분자영상치료연구과)
2012.07.16 (월) Molecular Diagnostics in Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma 이건국 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2012.07.09 (월) Diet-Gene Interaction in Cancer Epidemiology 김정선 외 1인(분자역학연구과)
2012.07.02 (월) The Role of Histone Methyltransferases in Lung Cancer 윤경실 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2012.06.25 (월) The role of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in managing postoperative complications 이종열 외 1인(위암센터)
2012.06.18 (월) Current Status and Future Direction of Cancer Prevention Research in Adolescents 윤이화 외 1인(암예방사업과)
2012.06.11 (월) The novel regulator of inflammation and cancer: transglutaminase 2 김수열 외 1인(분자종양학연구과)
2012.06.04 (월) Translational Control of Senescence and Metastasis Joel D. Richter 외 1인(Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine, Univ.)
2012.05.21 (월) Preoperative Identification of a Low-Risk Group for Lymph Node Metastasis in Endometrial Cancer 강석범 외 1인(부인암연구과)
2012.05.14 (월) Pathologic fracture of the spine 신상훈 외 1인(뇌척수종양클리닉)
2012.05.07 (월) SPECT/CT in oncology 김태성 외 1인(핵의학과)
2012.04.30 (월) pathology of MUO 박원서 외 1인(혈액암연구과)
2012.04.23 (월) Current Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques for Laboratory Medicine 황상현 외 1인(진단검사의학과)
2012.04.16 (월) The role of anesthesiologist for fast-track colorectal surgery 엄우식 외 1인(희귀암센터)
2012.04.09 (월) AMPKα modulation in cancer progression: multilayer integrative transcriptome analysis in Asian gastric cancer 김연희 외 1인(정밀의학연구과)
2012.04.02 (월) Spirit of Hospice and Palliative care ; Focus on Policy and Quality Management 최진영 외 1인(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2012.03.26 (월) Postoperative and follow-up MRI of malignant glioma 이상현 외 1인(영상의학과)
2012.03.19 (월) Development and clinical application of minimally invasive surgery 박지원 외 1인(대장암연구과)
2012.03.12 (월) Targeted therapy of papillary thyroid cancer 류준선 외 1인(두경부종양클리닉)
2012.03.05 (월) c-Met enhances tumorigenic and metastatic potential in EGFR-driven but not Ras-driven transformed cells. 김석현 외 1인(분자종양학연구과)
2012.02.27 (월) Communication in Health Care: Doctor-Patient Relationship 장윤정 외 1인(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2012.02.20 (월) Irinotecan Pharmacogenetics in Korean Lung Cancer Patients 한지연 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2012.02.13 (월) Accelerated Whole Breast Irradiation 신경환 외 1인(방사선의학연구과)
2012.02.06 (월) Family history of gastric cancer : Prognosis and H. pylori infection 최일주 외 1인(위암연구과)
2012.01.30 (월) Molecular heterogeneity of breast cancer and its clinical implications 이은숙 외 1인(정밀의학연구부)
2012.01.16 (월) Knowing the Unknown Faces of Cancer Transcriptome 고성호 외 1인(암유전체연구과)
2012.01.09 (월) Epidemiologic studies on hepatitis C virus and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma development in Korea 오진경 외 1인(암예방사업과)
2011.12.26 (월) Discovery of Myc inhibitors for cancer therapy 정경채 외 1인(기초실용화연구부)
2011.12.19 (월) Screening by upper endoscopy or UGI series and gastric cancer mortality: The National Cancer Screening Program in Korea 전재관 외 1인(암조기검진과)
2011.12.12 (월) Colorectal cancer epidemiology 신애선 외 1인(분자역학연구과)
2011.12.05 (월) New therapeutic paradigms in the treatment of castrate resistant prostate cancer 김정용 외 1인(Stony Brook)
2011.11.28 (월) Novel Therapeutic Targets in Multiple Myeloma 공선영 외 1인(혈액암연구과)
2011.11.21 (월) Needs assessment for cancer patients and their families in Korea 박종혁 외 1인(암정책지원과)
2011.11.14 (월) Trends and Issues in Medical Virtual Research and Practice Parvati Dev.?PhD, FACMI 외 1인(President, Innovation in Learning Inc.)
2011.11.07 (월) Medical imaging research and applications of biomedical engineering 김광기 외 1인(의공학연구과)
2011.10.31 (월) Multi Nucleus MRI 김대홍 외 1인(분자영상치료연구과)
2011.10.24 (월) Robust tests for genetic association studies 주정남 외 1인(바이오메트릭연구과)
2011.10.17 (월) Rat liver transplantation in NCC, Korea 김성훈 외 1인(간담췌암연구과)
2011.10.10 (월) iPad and Medicine 김기원 외 1인(신장클리닉)
2011.09.26 (월) Management of HER2-negative breast cancer 이근석 외 1인(유방암센터)
2011.09.19 (월) Genotype of Varicella Zoster Virus Isolated from Korean Elderly Patients with Herpes Zoster 최영주(감염관리실)
2011.09.05 (월) Potential predictive markers in treatment of mRCC with Targeted agents 정진수(전립선암센터)
2011.08.29 (월) Changing paradigms: HPV and beyond 정유석(두경부종양클리닉)
2011.08.22 (월) Locally Advanced Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? 이우진(내시경실)
2011.08.08 (월) Current Issues in Cancer Clinical Trial Designs 남병호(암통계연구과)
2011.08.01 (월) Report of experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center 강현귀(골연부종양클리닉)
2011.07.25 (월) Sentinel Node Oriented Tailored Approach in Early Gastric Cancer 류근원(위암센터)
2011.07.18 (월) E-NOTES in Gynecologic surgery: NCC experience 서상수(자궁암센터)
2011.07.11 (월) Beyond the Genome: Implication for Personalized Medicine 이연수(기능유전체연구과)
2011.07.04 (월) Development of tumor models using zebrafish 테스트 외 1인(테스트)
2011.06.27 (월) Characterization of Novel DNA Damage Response Inhibitors 김선신 외 1인(임상역학연구과)
2011.06.20 (월) How to evaluate pathology of rectal cancer after preoperative chemoradiotherapy 장희진 외 1인(장기이식실)
2011.06.13 (월) Intraoperative sentinel node imaging using multimodal agent 김석기 외 1인(핵의학과)
2011.05.30 (월) Biological assignment in a Multiple Myeloma hematopoietic stem cell transplantation clinical trial NANCY L. GELLER 외 1인(NIH)
2011.05.23 (월) Making the most of small amounts of protein and RNA in biopsy samples 김학균 외 1인(분자종양학연구과)
2011.05.16 (월) Updated clinical practice guidelines for CINV management Dorothy Keefe(MASCC president)
2011.05.09 (월) Cervical cancer, is there ways for improvement? 김주영 외 1인(자궁난소암센터)
2011.05.02 (월) Studies on the Regulatory Mechanism for IGF-1/IGF-1R Signaling in Cancer Cells 유혜진 외 1인(임상역학연구과)
2011.04.25 (월) Alternative pathways of RAS 곽미향 외 1인(기능검사실)
2011.04.18 (월) Development and Characterization of Aptamers against human PAUF and IL-8 허균 외 1인(기능유전체연구과)
2011.04.11 (월) A Critical Path to Discovery Research ? A Standardized, Reproducible and Efficient Pipeline in Connecting Proteomics to Genomics Henry Rodriguez(NCI)
2011.04.04 (월) Glioma on the myelin tract 박종배 외 1인(특수암연구과)
2011.03.28 (월) Attributable Causes of Cancer in Korea 박소희 외 1인(암등록감시부)
2011.03.21 (월) AACR Premeeting 한지연 외 2인(폐암센터)
2011.03.14 (월) Clinical use of internet and smartphone 김기원 외 1인
2011.03.07 (월) Switches and latches: new elements in the control of cell division Tim Hunt 외 1인
2011.02.28 (월) Hot issues in pancreatic cancer surgery 한성식 외 1인
2011.02.21 (월) Identification of microRNAs and genes that correlate with metastatic outcomes in breast cancer 김석원 외 1인
2011.02.14 (월) 난소암의 발암기전 유종우(병리과)
2011.02.07 (월) Lidocaine postconditioning reduces lipopolysaccharide and interferon-r induced mouse microglial cell injury 정해정(마취통증의학과)
2011.01.31 (월) Cell cycle in cancer, Just fast enough for outgrowing? 김경태(기능유전체연구과)
2011.01.24 (월) Menopausal Hormone therapy in cancer patients 이동옥(자궁암센터)
2011.01.17 (월) Taking a step forward to the World Class Nano Research 최용두(분자영상치료연구과)
2011.01.10 (월) Health literacy, health communication, and health outcomes 박기호(암정보교육과장)
2011.01.03 (월) Structural and Functional Studies on Apoptosis Inhibitor 5 이병일(분자종양학연구과)
2010.12.27 (월) Behavioral and lifestyle factors associated with HPV infection in cervical carcinogenesis 김미경(암역학연구과)
2010.12.20 (월) prediction of lymph node metastasis in patients with early gastric cancer 이준호(위암센터)
2010.12.13 (월) Strategies for Overcoming resistance of EGFR TKI in NSCLC. 윤탁(폐암센터)
2010.12.06 (월) Minimal Invasive Surgery for Esophageal Cancer- VATS assisted Esophagectomy 이종목(폐암센터)
2010.11.29 (월) The progress of 1st line therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer 한지연(폐암센터)
2010.11.22 (월) Oxygen sensors in physiological and pathophysiological states 박은정(면역세포치료연구과)
2010.11.15 (월) Breaking T cell anergy for boosting T cell immunotherapy; Ndrg1 and beyond 최경호(특수암연구과)
2010.11.08 (월) Construction of Robust Low-Mass Ion Equation for Colorectal Cancer Screening 유병철(대장암연구과)
2010.11.01 (월) Voice rehabilitation in cancer patients 류준선(갑상선암센터)
2010.10.25 (월) Alcohol&Cancer 임민경(암예방사업과)
2010.10.25 (월) Smoking cessation and role of Quit-line 임민경(암예방사업과)
2010.10.18 (월) Adenoviral Vectors: Concepts, Practice, Hope and Reality 이상진(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2010.10.11 (월) Hematopoietic supplement after gastrectomy for gastric cancer 김영우(위암연구과)
2010.10.04 (월) Meat and Cancer Dr. Rashmi(Nutritional Epidemiology Branch Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics National Cancer Institu)
2010.10.04 (월) Cancer Research on Nutrition and Physical Activity at NCI Dr. Rashmi(Nutritional Epidemiology Branch Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics National Cancer Institu)
2010.09.27 (월) Clinical practices of personalized medicine in advanced non-squamous NSCLC Nicholas Thatcher(Professor of Medical Oncology,Christie Hospital NHS Trust)
2010.09.20 (월) Genome-wide association study for lung cancer susceptibility 윤경아(폐암연구과)
2010.09.13 (월) Imaging of primary mediastinal tumors 임근영(폐암센터)
2010.09.06 (월) Cellular and molecular basis for transmigration of cancer cells across the blood-brain barrier 김호진(특수암연구과)
2010.08.30 (월) Recent Advances in Melanoma Therapy Kevin B.Kim(Department of melanoma medical oncology, MD Anderson)
2010.08.23 (월) Updates in breast MRI 김은아(유방암센터)
2010.08.16 (월) Quality of Life Researches in National Cancer Center for the Last 10 Years 윤영호(암관리연구과)
2010.08.09 (월) Lipid Rafts: Relationships between plasma membrane microdomains and cancer 김용연(소아암연구과)
2010.07.26 (월) clinical outcome of the squamous cell carcinoma of tongue : experience of National Cancer Center 박주용(특수암센터)
2010.07.19 (월) ARG1 promoter studies: an example for transcriptional regulation in environmental requirement 윤성필(유방내분비암연구과)
2010.07.12 (월) the effect of genetic variation in hormonal therapy of breast cancer 박인혜(유방암센터)
2010.07.05 (월) Robotics in Thoracic Surgery 이현성(폐암센터)
2010.06.28 (월) Improving survival in hematologic malignancies 엄현석(혈액종양클리닉)
2010.06.21 (월) Genetically engineered mice (GEM) in cancer research 이호(암실험자원연구과)
2010.06.14 (월) Gastric Endoscopic Resection in NCC for 10 Years:Emphasis on Complication 조수정(위암센터)
2010.06.07 (월) Long-Term Follow-up of Childhood Cancer Survivors 박현진(소아암센터)
2010.05.24 (월) Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) activity: importance of promoting tumor metastasis and identification of a novel signaling connection in inflammation David D. Schlaepfer(UCSD Moores Cancer Center)
2010.05.17 (월) C. elegans as a versatile model for drug discovery 암실험자원연구과(암실험자원연구과)
2010.05.10 (월) The targeted therapy of Gastric cancer 박영이(위암센터)
2010.05.03 (월) clinical value of Ki-67 in breast cancer 정소연(유방암센터)
2010.04.26 (월) Postoperative SMART for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 문성호(양성자치료센터)
2010.04.19 (월) Preoperative sonographic staging of papillary thyroid carcinoma 김수진(갑상선암센터)
2010.04.12 (월) Mobile Phone Use and Risk of Tumors: Meta-Analysis 명승권(암역학연구과)
2010.04.05 (월) Colorectal Polyp Registry 홍창원(대장암센터)
2010.03.29 (월) Robotics in colorectal surgery 최효성(대장암센터)
2010.03.22 (월) High state-of-the-art technology in robotic surgery 조영호(의공학연구과)
2010.03.15 (월) Molecular imaging and staging in prostate cancer 이강현(전립선암센터)
2010.03.08 (월) Introduction of Clinical Trial Registry System 장윤정(암정보교육과)
2010.02.22 (월) The history of tuberculosis 이희석(폐암센터)
2010.02.08 (월) Molecular detection of copy number changes and clinical application 홍경만(분자종양학연구과)
2010.02.01 (월) New information in advanced gastric cancer - Treatment option 박숙련(위암센터)
2010.01.25 (월) W BEST 그룹웨어/포털 교육
2010.01.18 (월) Optimal Management of Gastric Cancer: Practice & researches at Seoul National University Hospital 양한광(서울대학교병원)
2010.01.11 (월) International Cooperation for Cancer Control in Asia Malcolm Moore(Asian Pacific Organization)
2010.01.04 (월) New trial of Radiofrequency Ablation 고흥규(특수암센터)
2009.12.28 (월) Imaging evaluation of treatment response of HCC 최준일(간암센터)
2009.12.21 (월) predictors for regular cancer screening 계수연(암정보교육과)
2009.12.14 (월) Anticancer Mechanism using NF-kB Inhibiton 김수열(기초실용화연구부)
2009.12.07 (월) CA125 and ovarian cancer: an old biomarker in the new era 강석범(자궁암센터)
2009.11.30 (월) Treating Lung Cancer Metastatic to the Brain: Medical Oncologist’s View 김흥태(폐암센터)
2009.11.23 (월) Designer Ligands of TGF-beta superfamily 최승현(The Salk Institute)
2009.11.16 (월) Engineering Antibodies for Cancer Therapy Louis M. Weiner(Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center)
2009.11.09 (월) Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) in the Management of Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 박상윤(자궁암센터)
2009.11.02 (월) Validity verification of plasma TGF-beta 1 values and FDG-PET indices in predicting the degree of chemotherapy-induced necrosis in osteosarcoma 박병규(소아암센터)
2009.10.26 (월) Application of Nanotechnology for Imaging and Therapy in Future Oncology 신동문(Emory University School of Medicine)
2009.10.19 (월) EGFR kinase mutations in Lung Cancer: Understanding and overcoming drug resistance caused by the T790M resistance mutation Michael J. Eck(Harvard medical school)
2009.10.12 (월) Hypofractionation swings back with precision radiotherapy 조관호(양성자치료센터)
2009.10.05 (월) Pathology of Prostate Adenocarcinoma 박원서(전립선암센터)
2009.09.28 (월) Histology and Clinical Correlates of Explanted Liver 홍은경(간암센터)
2009.09.21 (월) preoperative chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer 김대용(양성자치료센터)
2009.09.14 (월) DNA methylation in the breast cancer 강한성(유방암센터)
2009.09.07 (월) Transthoracic lung biopsy; an overview 이수현(암예방검진센터)
2009.08.31 (월) Prostate Stem Cell Antigen in Prostate Cancer 정재영(전립선암센터)
2009.08.24 (월) Fertility Preservation in Female Cancer Patients 정연경(암예방검진센터)
2009.08.17 (월) Surgical management of breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy 이시연(유방암센터)
2009.08.10 (월) Benefit/Risk of CT-based screening 이찬화(영상의학과)
2009.08.03 (월) antitumor effect of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate 노정실(유방암센터)
2009.07.27 (월) Awareness and behavior toward cancer prevention: Focusing on the results of the awareness on '10 codes of conduct for cancer prevention' in Korea and UICC global survey 윤이화(국가암관리사업단)
2009.07.20 (월) Recent Advances and Issues in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 김창민(간암센터)
2009.07.13 (월) TNF-a and Radiation induced damage 김태현(간암센터)
2009.07.06 (월) research at UIC, anesthetics-induced myocardial preconditioning 엄우식(진료지원센터)
2009.06.29 (월) Malignant pericardial effusion 김학진(진료지원센터)
2009.06.22 (월) 언론 대응력 강화특강 박재훈(박재훈PR컨설팅)
2009.06.15 (월) Epidemiologic studies on HPV infection in Korea 오진경(국가암관리사업단)
2009.06.08 (월) Laparoscopic resection for colorectal cancer 박지원(대장암센터)
2009.06.01 (월) Medical Image Processing in Nuclear Medicine 김태성(진료지원센터)
2009.05.25 (월) Endoscopic Advances in Screening, Diagnosis, and Management of Pancreatic Cancer Jeffrey H. Lee(MD Anderson Cancer)
2009.05.18 (월) Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer 김선영(대장암센터)
2009.05.11 (월) Diagnostic molecular pathology in solid tumor 민혜숙(진료지원센터)
2009.05.04 (월) transgenic mouse model of pancreatic cancer, Aberrant Methylation of RecQ Helicases 이우진, 김찬규(간암센터, 위암센터)
2009.04.27 (월) Population-based survival analysis 정규원(암등록통계과)
2009.04.20 (월) The neurological safety of epidural parecoxib in rats 김양현(마취통증의학과)
2009.04.13 (월) Risk factos for LN metastasis in clinical stage T2N0 gastric cancer 김민주(영상의학과)
2009.04.06 (월) Research and Training at UC Berkeley- Meta-analysis 명승권(암예방검진센터)
2009.03.30 (월) Research Training in the Northwestern University - Cancer Screening Behavior Study 최귀선(암검진사업과)
2009.03.23 (월) Application of animal imaging systems in cancer gene therapy study 김인후(융합기술연구부)
2009.03.16 (월) Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery in Massachusetts General Hospital 손대경(대장암센터)
2009.03.09 (월) Multiple primary cancers in Korea 원영주(암등록통계과)
2009.03.02 (월) Gene delivery into the liver graft 이광웅(간암센터)
2009.02.23 (월) Cancer pain management Stefan Grond(Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Hospital Lippe-Detmold)
2009.02.16 (월) Do the volatile anesthetics attenuate oxidative stress-reduced activity of glutamate transporter type 3? 이순애(마취통증의학과)
2009.02.09 (월) Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, UCLA 연수보고,Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 연수보고
2009.02.02 (월) Rapid increase of the thyroid cancer and experience at National Cancer Center during the year of 2008 이유진(유방암센터)
2009.01.19 (월) 4-1BB signaling as a switch that determine dichotomy between NK- and CD8+ T cell-mediated immune responses against tumor 최범규(면역/세포치료연구과)
2009.01.12 (월) Colorectal cancer with non-resectable synchronous metastases: The role of surgery 오재환(대장암센터)
2008.12.29 (월) Communication Skills Training for Oncologists Adriaan Visser(Helen Dowling Institute,Centre for Psycho-oncology)
2008.12.22 (월) Body mass index and oral cancer risk 최성원(구강암연구과)
2008.12.15 (월) Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation 김열(암예밤검진센터)
2008.12.08 (월) Cancer screening evaluation and monitoring : considering some practical methodological issues 전재관(암조기검진과)
2008.12.01 (월) Oncogene-Specific Cancer Models from Human Primary Cells 김석현(발암원연구과)
2008.11.24 (월) Combination versus sequential single-agent therapy in metastatic breast cancer 이근석(유방암센터)
2008.11.17 (월) Helicobacter pylori recurrence 유금혜(암예방검진센터)
2008.11.10 (월) Post-transcriptional Control in Cancer 김종헌(발암원연구과)
2008.11.03 (월) empowering cancer research information network using brodband information infrastructure 이영성(암관리사업부)
2008.10.27 (월) Mouse models in Cancer Research 오승현(암실험자원연구과)
2008.10.20 (월) Polyp Measurement on CT colonography 정준용(영상의학과)
2008.10.13 (월) Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (IPMN) of the Pancreas Observe or operate? 우상명(간암센터)
2008.10.06 (월) Pre-operative imaging predictors of surgical outcome in Patients With Advanced Ovarian Cancer 정대철(영상의학과)
2008.09.29 (월) SEMS(self expandable metal stent) in malignant colon obstruction 김병창(대장암센터)
2008.09.22 (월) Application of Diffusion of innovation theory for adoption of cancer screening. 함명일(지역암센터지원과장)
2008.09.08 (월) The Human Variome Project and Progress Towards Collecting Variation Causing Human Disease Richard Graham Hay COTTON AM(Foundation Head, Mutation Research Centre now the Genomic Disorders Research Centre)
2008.09.01 (월) Recent Advances on Non-myeloablative Stem Cell Transplantation(NST) for Graft versus Tumor (GVT) Effects 성주명(이화여자대학교 의과대학)
2008.08.25 (월) Oncogene addiction, a rationale for molecular targeting 유혜진(발암원연구과)
2008.08.18 (월) The state of the art in diagnostic tests for hematologic malignancies 공선영(혈액암연구과)
2008.08.11 (월) Pathologic diagnosis of peripheral lung adenocarcinoma 이건국(폐암연구과)
2008.08.04 (월) Novel cancer therapeutic strategies targeting DNA damage response pathway 김선신(발암원연구과)
2008.07.28 (월) computer aided diagnosis research trends 김광기(의공학연구과)
2008.07.21 (월) The initial stage of drug discovery: Developing lead compounds 정경채(분자종양학연구과)
2008.07.14 (월) Inflammation as a target for prevention and treatment of cancer 이창훈(분자종양학연구과)
2008.07.07 (월) Advanced NCC Bone Tumor Surgery using Computer navigation and New invented surgical pin 강현귀(특수암센터)
2008.06.30 (월) Genetically-engineered mouse models for cancer and the compendium database 김학균(분자종양학연구과)
2008.06.23 (월) Prediction Models of Recurrence and Survival for Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Hepatectomy 박상재(간암센터)
2008.06.16 (월) Gene and Stem Cell Therapy for Therapeutic Neovascularization 서원희(포천중문의과대학교)
2008.06.09 (월) Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Related Death Impact in Korea 천성수(삼육대학교)
2008.06.02 (월) 암조기검진의 경제성평가 이후연(암조기검진과)
2008.05.26 (월) IT/BT/NT Convergence Technology and its Business Managerial Considerations 신용인(서울대학교 초빙교수)
2008.05.19 (월) Total Intravenous Anesthesia 김지희(폐암센터)
2008.04.28 (월) High-density lipoprotein cholesterol as a plausible biomarker of breast cancer 김연주(암조기검진과)
2008.04.21 (월) Evaluating Different Staging Systems for Hepatocellular Carcinoma 박중원(간암센터)
2008.04.14 (월) Development of QA Device for IMRT and IGRT 박성용(양성자치료센터)
2008.04.07 (월) Fishing for Cancer Model: Zebrafish as a tool for Cancer Research 배영기(암실험자원연구과)
2008.03.31 (월) Assessment of physical activity in epidemiologic research 신애선(암코호트과)
2008.03.24 (월) Treatment of the non-urologic malignant ureteral obstruction 정진수(특수암센터)
2008.03.21 (금) Novel phosphoinositide4 phosphate binding protein is required for Golgi architecture and function:Is it implicated for Cancer transformation?
2008.03.17 (월) Alternative splicing in cancer genomics 고성호(기능유전체연구과)
2008.03.10 (월) Arsenic and Cancer Risk in Chile Dr. Ricardo Uauy(Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile)
2008.03.03 (월) Nutrition and Cancer Epidemiology : Evidence-based Approaches 김정선(암코호트과)
2008.02.25 (월) screening of gastric cancer 남수연(암예방검진센터)
2008.02.18 (월) Cancer Screening Program in Taiwan Tony Hsiu-His Chen(National Taiwan University)
2008.02.11 (월) The role of SNP in the 3’UTR of the SUV39H2 histone methyltransferase 윤경실(폐암연구과)
2008.02.04 (월) Trans-splicing Ribozyme as a new cancer gene therapy 김윤희(분자영상치료연구과)
2008.01.28 (월) 2008, 새로운 도전
2008.01.21 (월) Structural studies of human transglutaminase 2 이병일(분자종양학연구과)
2008.01.14 (월) Clinicla application of BRAF mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma 정기욱(유방암센터)
2008.01.07 (월) Adoptive Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Transfer Therapy against Cancers 권병세(면역치료세포연구과)
2007.12.31 (월) Identification of tumor markers in secretome and establishment of aptamer technology 허균(기능유전체연구과)
2007.12.24 (월) The Application of MRI in Animal Research and Molecular Imaging 김대홍(분자영상치료연구과)
2007.12.17 (월) Efficient delivery of RNAi drugs into animals with tumor metastasis Takahiro Ochiya(NCCRI)
2007.12.10 (월) invasive aspergillosis 최영주(진료지원센터)
2007.12.03 (월) chemobrain 김종흔(진료지원센터)
2007.11.26 (월) Accelerated partial breast irradiation 신경환(유방암센터)
2007.11.19 (월) Imaging Features of Metastases to the Breast from Extramammary Malignancies 고경란(유방암센터)
2007.11.12 (월) Attributable causes of cancer in France Dr. Boffetta(국제암연구소)
2007.11.05 (월) Development and Evaluation of Cancer Risk Prediction Models 남병호(암등록통계과)
2007.10.22 (월) Mucin expression patterns in gastric carcinomas 국명철(위암센터)
2007.10.15 (월) folate and cancer 최상운(Tufts University)
2007.10.08 (월) Cancer Genome study using Core facility: active and cost-effective support 이연수(기능유전체연구과)
2007.10.01 (월) in vivo molecular imaging and therapy 최용두(분자영상치료연구과)
2007.09.17 (월) Noncardiac Surgery in the Patients with Heart Disease 곽미향(진료지원센터)
2007.09.10 (월) Cancers in the 15-40 years age group; the Dark Ages? 김태형(특수암센터)
2007.09.03 (월) Basic Concepts of Complex Disease Genetic Epidemiology 성주헌(암예방사업부장)
2007.08.27 (월) Laparoscopic sentinel basin dissection in early gastric cancer 류근원(위암센터)
2007.08.20 (월) Novel chemotherapy in colorectal cancer 홍용상(대장암센터)
2007.08.13 (월) Renal manifestation of cancer 김기원(진료지원센터)
2007.08.06 (월) EGFR targeted therapy in advanced NSCLC 윤탁(폐암센터)
2007.07.30 (월) Health marketing-An Emerging Integrated Framework 박기호(재가암환자지원과)
2007.07.23 (월) Para-Aortic Lymph Node Dissection in Gastric Cancer Surgery 배재문(위암연구과)
2007.07.19 (목) Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Cancer Patients 정준용(재활의학클리닉)
2007.07.16 (월) A Meta-Analysis: The 1-year Effectiveness of Transdermal Nicotine Patch for Smoking Cessation 명승권(암예방검진센터)
2007.07.09 (월) Insights on inflammatory responses in brain resident immune cells 박은정(면역/세포치료연구과)
2007.07.02 (월) Biological Consideration in Radiotherapy of Uterine Cervical Cancer 김주영(자궁암센터)
2007.06.25 (월) Prediction of Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates in Korea 박소희(암등록통계과)
2007.06.11 (월) Extrahepatic Collateral Vessels supplying HCC 김현범(간암센터)
2007.06.04 (월) Narrow-band imaging endoscopy in gastrointestinal diseases 이종열(위암센터)
2007.05.28 (월) Cerebral ischemia: Strategies for Neuroprotection 조성희(Weill Medical College of Cornell University)
2007.05.21 (월) Targeting IGF-1R/Akt pathway : Novel strategy for chemoprevention and therapy in cancer 오승현(MD ANDERSON Cancer Center)
2007.05.14 (월) Novel functions of the inhibitory Smads in TGF-beta-mediated anti-inflammation 박석희(성균관대학교)
2007.05.07 (월) Lymph node imaging in gynecologic malignancy 최혁재(자궁암센터)
2007.04.30 (월) Prognostic Value of p53 and Ki-67 Expression in Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer 서호경(특수암센터)
2007.04.23 (월) Diffusion-weighted MR imaging in Head and Neck cancer 이상현(특수암센터)
2007.04.16 (월) Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery 한성식(간암센터)
2007.04.09 (월) Minimal Invasive Surgery Study Group of NCC 최효성(대장암센터)
2007.04.02 (월) Lung cancer screening with LDCT : Korean Experience 김혜영(폐암센터)
2007.03.26 (월) Economic impact of cancer in Korea 박재현(암관리정책지원연구과)
2007.03.19 (월) NDRG1, Friend or Foe 김경태(암유전체연구과)
2007.03.12 (월) Histopathologic grading of ovarian carcinoma 유종우(자궁암연구과)
2007.03.05 (월) Gene Signature and Biomarker for Personalized Therapy of Lung Cancer Pan-Chyr Yang(National Taiwan University Hospital)
2007.02.26 (월) Molecular mechanism of glioma invasion on myelin 박종배(뇌척수암연구과)
2007.02.19 (월) 설 명절
2007.02.12 (월) Biomarkers of carcinogen exposure 성문우(진료지원센터)
2007.02.05 (월) Effect of propofol on EAAC1 under oxidative stress: the role of PKC 윤정연(자궁암센터)
2007.01.29 (월) Novel chemotherapy in children with low grade astrocytomas 김태형(특수암센터)
2007.01.22 (월) Preoperative CT staging of stomach cancer 이종석(위암센터)
2007.01.15 (월) Impact of early menopause in cancer patients 이동옥(자궁암센터)
2007.01.08 (월) Various Liver Resections using Hanging Maneuver by 3 Glisson’s pedicles and 3 Hepatic Veins 김성훈(간암센터)
2006.12.18 (월) Prognostic Value of p53 and Ki-67 Expression in Superficial 서호경(특수암센터)
2006.12.11 (월) Serrated Polyps and Serrated Pathway in Colorectal Carcinogenesis 장희진(대장암센터)
2006.12.04 (월) Recent Developments of the Xenon Anesthesia 정해정(유방암센터)
2006.11.27 (월) early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer 이우진(간암센터)
2006.11.20 (월) Community-based participatory approaches to health promotion: Principles, applications, and implications for cancer prevention programming 이종석(Jong-Seok Lee)
2006.11.13 (월) Preoperative chemoradiation for rectal cancer 정경해(대장암센터)
2006.11.06 (월) Treatment Monitoring using PET 김석기(유방암센터)
2006.10.30 (월) Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology and Cancer Research: The Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Example Aaron Blair(NCI)
2006.10.23 (월) VATS lobectomy in lung cancer 김문수(폐암센터)
2006.10.16 (월) Radiosensitization by celecoxib through inhibition of ATR 표홍렬(폐암센터)
2006.10.09 (월) Learning curves in gastric cancer surgery; in the aspect of surgical oncology 이준호(위암센터)
2006.10.02 (월) Spinal Metastasis; Preoperative Evaluation of Prognosis 신상훈(특수암센터)
2006.09.25 (월) Natural history of HPV infection in Korean Women 서상수(자궁암센터)
2006.09.18 (월) Breakage of T cell Tolerance to tumor : A gateway to treat metastatic cancers 최경호(뇌척수암연구과)
2006.09.11 (월) High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation for Pediatric Brain Tumors 박현진(특수암센터)
2006.09.04 (월) Current Trend of Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer 김영우(위암센터)
2006.08.28 (월) Diet and Cancer : Epidemiologic Approach 조은영(Harvard Medical School)
2006.08.21 (월) Nutrient-Gene Interactions in Cancer Prevention 김미경(발암원연구과)
2006.08.14 (월) Effect of LTC4 on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in isolated rat lungs 노지윤(위암센터)
2006.08.07 (월) Upper GI Stent for Malignant Stenosis 김찬규(위암센터)
2006.07.31 (월) Performance Measures in the Mathematical Predictive Models 남병호(암통계연구과)
2006.07.24 (월) Stem/Progenitor Cells in Breast Cancer 권영미(유방내분비암연구과)
2006.07.10 (월) Hypoxia Regulated Carbonic Anhydrase 9 Expression is Associated with Aggressive Biologic Behavior in Meningiomas 유헌(뇌척수암연구과)
2006.07.03 (월) Current Proteome Approaches in Colorectal Cancer Branch (2005-2006 present) 유병철(대장암연구과)
2006.06.26 (월) Surgical treatment of Hypopharyngeal cancer 류준선(특수암센터)
2006.06.19 (월) Nanotechnology in Cancer Research; Novel Imaging & Therpeutics 박현진(Center for Specific Organs Cancer)
2006.06.12 (월) Anti-angiogenic Therapy 김영우(위암센터)
2006.06.05 (월) Surgical management of advanced tongue cancer 박주용(특수암센터)
2006.05.29 (월) Digital Mammography: The present and Future 김은아(유방암센터)
2006.05.22 (월) The present status of Proton radiotherapy and other heavy-particle therapy in cancer treatment 남병호(암통계연구과)
2006.05.15 (월) Molecular Imaging on Cancer 최경호(뇌척수암연구과)
2006.05.08 (월) Clonorchis sinensis infection and increasing risk of cholangiocarcinoma 임민경(암코호트연구과)
2006.04.24 (월) HOXB13 as a tumor suppressor 이상진(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2006.04.17 (월) Genetic polymorphism and their association with cancer susceptibility 윤경아(폐암연구과)
2006.04.10 (월) Genetic approach to study anti-cancer drug resistant mechanisms using C. elegans 심재갈(암실험자원연구과)
2006.04.03 (월) Neurological problems in cancer patients 김호진(진료지원센터)
2006.03.27 (월) Oncogenomics: SNP and microarray analysis in cancer research 강효정(대장암연구과)
2006.03.20 (월) Role of Rafts/Caveolae in Cancer Development and Therapeutics 김용연(소아암연구과)
2006.03.13 (월) Protein interaction and protein complex in gene regulation 윤성필(유방내분비암연구과)
2006.03.06 (월) APC/C inhibition in the mitotic checkpoint: what have mice taught us? 이호(암실험자원연구과)
2006.02.27 (월) Stem cell transplantation in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 엄현석(특수암센터)
2006.02.20 (월) the yield of bronchial washing 이희석(폐암센터)
2006.02.13 (월) Acute respiratory distress syndrome after thoracic surgery 이현성(폐암센터)
2006.02.06 (월) Recent Advances in Molecular Diagnostic Methods 홍경만(분자종양학연구과)
2006.01.30 (월) 설명절
2006.01.23 (월) Colonoscopic Results in NCC 홍창원(암예방검진센터)
2006.01.16 (월) Contrast media of liver MRI 최준일(간암센터)
2006.01.09 (월) Evidence-Based Cancer Information Service 장윤정(Cancer Information Branch)
2006.01.02 (월) Esophageal cancer staging: role of multidetector CT 임근영(폐암센터)
2005.12.26 (월) Screening for another Disease Caused by Smoking, Coronary Artery Disease ; Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring 이수현(암예방검진센터)
2005.12.19 (월) systemic chemotherapy and targeted therapy in advanced colorectal cancer 윤탁((대장암센터))
2005.12.12 (월) Gastric Dysplasia 박경우(암예방검진센터)
2005.12.05 (월) Helicobacter pylori - when & how to treat - 송호준(위암센터)
2005.11.28 (월) Antiviral Therapy in Cancer Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B 박중원(호발암연구부)
2005.11.21 (월) Mediastinal staging of non-small cell lung cancer and transbronchial needle aspiration 황보빈(폐암센터)
2005.11.14 (월) New imaging modalities of breast cancer screening 박정선(암예방검진센터)
2005.11.07 (월) Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Tumor 이상현 외 1인(영상의학과)
2005.10.31 (월) Current Status of Chemotherapy in Gstric Cancer 박숙련(위암센터)
2005.10.24 (월) Non-platinum based chemotherapy in patients with advanced NSCLC 한지연(폐암연구과)
2005.10.17 (월) A vitamin E analogue augments the paclitaxel-induced apoptoic cell death in human cancer cells 엄우식 외 1인(희귀암센터)
2005.10.10 (월) Double primary lung cancer 김문수 외 1인(폐암센터)
2005.09.26 (월) Smoking and Adenocarcinoma of the Lung 이진수(폐암센터)
2005.09.12 (월) 연수 귀국보고
2005.09.05 (월) Molecular changes in lung cancers arising in smokers and never smokers Adi F. Gazdar, M.D.(Southwestern Medical School(Department of Pathology))
2005.08.29 (월) 1.Quality of Life among breast cancer survivors., 2.Influence of school contexts on adolescent tobacco and alcohol use. 김진숙(UCLA(School of Public Health))
2005.08.22 (월) magnifying chromoendoscopy 남수연(암예방검진센터)
2005.08.08 (월) Dose-volumetric parameters to predict RT-induced toxicity 김태현(간암센터)
2005.08.01 (월) Endoscopic Surgery for Breast Cancer 김석원(유방암센터)
2005.07.25 (월) Chimerism Analysis after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation 공선영(특수암연구부)
2005.07.18 (월) COX-2 and COX-2 Inhibitors: Applications in Gynecologic Cancers 강석범(자궁암센터)
2005.07.11 (월) Control and Simulation in Computer Integrated Surgical Systems 최재순(기초과학연구부)
2005.07.04 (월) Resection vs. Transplantation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. 박상재(간암센터)
2005.06.13 (월) Protein network of 53BP1, a mediator of signal transduction in DNA damage response 이창헌(발암원연구과)
2005.05.23 (월) LLC, a new candidate tumor suppressor gene 홍경만(분자종양학연구과)
2005.05.16 (월) Role of mmunohistochemiasry in Diagnosis of Lung Cancer 이건국(Center for Lung Cancer)
2005.05.09 (월) Diagnosis of malignant lymphoma and immunohistochemistry 박원서
2005.05.02 (월) EBV-associated gastric carcinoma 국명철(위암센터)
2005.04.25 (월) Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modeling in clinical drug development 임형석(임상시험센터)
2005.04.18 (월) Surgery for locally advanced lung cancer 조재일(폐암센터장)
2005.04.11 (월) Targeting NF-kB for Cancer Therapy 김수열(분자종양학연구과장)
2005.04.04 (월) The Role of Laparoscopic Surgical Staging in the Management of Cervical Cancer 박상윤(자궁암센터)
2005.03.28 (월) Statistical/analytical Issues-review of research grant proposals & statistical consulting 남병호(암통계연구과장)
2005.03.21 (월) Brain metastasis and stereotacticmradiotherapy 조관호(방사선핵의학연구부장)
2005.03.14 (월) Trends in Treatment of Breast Cancer in Korea 1993-2002 이은숙(유방암센터)
2005.03.07 (월) Duration of Vecuronium-Induced Neuromuscular Block as a Predictor of Liver Allograft Dysfunction 이순애(간암센터)
2005.02.28 (월) Prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer 이근석(유방암센터)
2005.02.21 (월) Hepatocarcinogenesis 김창민(간암센터)
2005.02.14 (월) New PET agents - Beyond FDG 강건욱(핵의학과)
2005.02.07 (월) Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer 최일주(위암센터)
2005.01.31 (월) Recent Advances in neck Dissection 정유석(특수암센터)
2005.01.24 (월) Primary Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer 노정실(임상시험센터)
2005.01.17 (월) Robotic tele-surgery system development 조영호(의공학과)
2004.12.08 (수) DNA damage response molecule PARP-1 prevents genomic instability and suppresses tumorigenesis : Lessons from mouse models Dr. Zhao-Qi WANG(간암센터)
2004.12.06 (월) Alcohol and Cancer Dr. Paolo Boffetta(IARC)
2004.11.22 (월) Quality of Life Assessment in Cancer Clinical Trails 윤영호(삶의질향상연구과)
2004.11.15 (월) Regulation of Heterochromatic Silencing by SUMO Modification 장연규(폐암센터)
2004.11.08 (월) Tumor Bank in NCC 홍은경(진료지원센터)
2004.11.01 (월) Internaional Pain Management in Pain Clinic 김대현(대장암센터)
2004.10.25 (월) Implication of Plasma TGF-Beta1 Levels in Patients with Pediatric Malignancies 박병규(특수암연구부)
2004.10.18 (월) Radiation-Induced Signaling Pathways and their Implication 한인옥(방사선핵의학연구부)
2004.10.11 (월) Prostate Cancer Dr. Peter Boyle(IARC)
2004.10.04 (월) Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cancer in Cancer Survivors 박상민(암역학관리연구부)
2004.09.20 (월) TCR-Independent and Caspase-Independent Apoptosis of Murine Thymocytes by CD24 Cross-Linking. 배영미(혈액암연구과)
2004.09.13 (월) Recent Advances in Psychosocial Oncology 김종흔(진료지원센터)
2004.09.06 (월) Lung Cancer Detection 김혜영(폐암센터)
2004.08.30 (월) "When Helicobacter pylori met the gastric mucosa... What happened?" 김상균(위암센터)
2004.08.23 (월) Perfusion MRI of the Brain Tumor 이상현(특수암센터)
2004.08.16 (월) Laparoscopic Colectomy for Colon Cancer 임석병(대장암센터)
2004.08.09 (월) Portal Vein Embolization 김영일(간암센터)
2004.08.02 (월) Hospital-Based Smoking Cessation Clinic 서홍관(암예방검진센터)
2004.07.26 (월) siRNA Targeting Akt Enhances Chemosensitivity of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells 김흥태(폐암연구과)
2004.07.12 (월) Targeted Therapy in Colorectal Cancer 안중배(대장암센터)
2004.07.05 (월) Patient-Controlled Sedation 엄우식(특수암센터)
2004.06.28 (월) Imaging Findings of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer 최혁재(자궁암센터)
2004.06.21 (월) Life and Death of CD8 T Cells: A Role of Cytokine 장준(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2004.06.14 (월) Recent Update of Limb Salvage Surgery 조환성(특수암센터)
2004.06.07 (월) Molecular Dpidemiology of Lung Cancer, Integrating Data from Three Different Studies, and Biomarkers of Exposure and Susceptibility Dr.Herman Autrup(Chairman of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Univ. Aafhus, Denmark)
2004.05.31 (월) Molecular Anatomy of Src-Tyrosine Kinase 송현규(분자종양학연구과)
2004.05.24 (월) Complications and Treatment of Mild Hypothermia 김덕경(자궁암센터)
2004.05.17 (월) Colonoscopic Polypectomy 손대경(대장암센터)
2004.05.10 (월) Cancer Prevention and Dietary Factors 명승권(암예방검진센터)
2004.05.03 (월) Cancer Proteome Approaches for the Clinical Application 유병철(대장암연구과)
2004.04.26 (월) Oral Cavity Reconstruction with Radial Forearm Free Flap After Oral Cancer Resection 최성원(구강암연구과)
2004.04.19 (월) Effective Smoking Biomarkers 이도훈(진료지원센터 진단검사의학과)
2004.04.12 (월) The Cost of Cacner Patients 박은철(Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Branch)
2004.03.29 (월) Lipid-Based Carriers in Biology and Medicine 임수정(분자종양학연구과)
2004.03.22 (월) 학회 발표 학회 참석자
2004.03.15 (월) 학회 발표 학회참석자
2004.03.08 (월) 학회 발표 학회참석자
2004.02.23 (월) AACR Travel Award Awardees
2004.02.16 (월) Cytoreductive Nephrectomy in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma 정진수(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2004.02.09 (월) Diffusion Weighted MRI of Spine 이주혁(방사선의학연구과)
2004.02.02 (월) DNA Damage Responses Through BRCA1 이종수(발암원연구과)
2004.01.26 (월) Thromboembolism and Cancer 곽미향(진료지원센터)
2004.01.19 (월) NIH Roadmaps for Medical Science Research : Big Science in Post-Genomic Era 진혜민(NIH)
2004.01.12 (월) Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer Therapy 김주영(자궁암센터)
2004.01.10 (토) 연수보고 한지연/강건욱(폐암센터/핵의학과)
2004.01.05 (월) Treatment Strategy of Bladder Cancer in NCC 이강현(특수암센터)
2003.12.29 (월) Sentinel Nodes Biopsy in Gastric Cancer 류근원(Gastric Cancer Center)
2003.12.22 (월) Epidural Analgesia for Acute Pain Management 김지희(폐암센터)
2003.12.15 (월) Radical Cystectomy with Urinary Diversion 서호경(Center for Specific Organ Cancer)
2003.12.08 (월) Genomic Epidemiology Nathaniesl Rothman, M.D.
2003.12.01 (월) 진료권고안 발표 자궁암센터, 위암센터
2003.11.24 (월) 진료권고안 발표 대장암센터, 유방암센터
2003.11.17 (월) 진료권고안 발표 간암센터, 폐암센터
2003.11.10 (월) Detection of Mutation in the Stool DNAs of the Patients with Colorectal Neoplasm 정승용(대장암연구과)
2003.11.03 (월) Japanese Current Status of Endoscopc Surgery and Laparoscopic Gastrectomy Shuji Shimizu(Dept. of Endoscopic Diagnostic and Therapeutics, Kyushu University Hospital)
2003.10.27 (월) Is There a Role for Study of Environmental Foctors in the Genome Era of Epidemiology? Aaron Blair(Epidemiology & Genetics Occupational & Environmental Branch Chief NCI)
2003.10.20 (월) Recent Advances in Treatment of Prostate Cancer 김정용(Clinical Asst. Professor, State of Unive. NY, Stony Brook)
2003.10.13 (월) Advances in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer; Multi-Modality Approaches 김윤(Univ. of Alabama Radiation Oncology, Professor)
2003.10.06 (월) Cancer Registration and Statistics in Korea 신해림(암등록통계연구과)
2003.09.29 (월) Management of Neutropenic Fever in Cancer Patients 최영주(진료지원센터)
2003.09.22 (월) Development and Application of an Oligonucleotide Microarray for Mutational Analysis 김일진(서울대학교 암연구소)
2003.09.15 (월) PET/CT 김석기(유방암센터)
2003.09.08 (월) Breast Conserving Surgery After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy 정기욱(유방암센터)
2003.09.01 (월) Double Primary Cancer 장희진(대장암센터)
2003.08.25 (월) CT Gastrography 이종석(Center for Clinical Services)
2003.08.18 (월) Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer 정경해(지궁암센터)
2003.08.11 (월) Thoracic Paravertebral Block for Breast Cancer Surgery 정해정(유방암센터)
2003.08.04 (월) Surgical Treatment of Metastatic Lung Cancer 김문수(폐암센터)
2003.07.28 (월) Interventional endoscopic ultrasonography 이우진(간암센터)
2003.07.21 (월) Biologic characteristics of ductal carcinoma in situ 권영미(유방암센터)
2003.07.14 (월) Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery 노지윤(위암센터)
2003.07.07 (월) Differential compartmentalization of PTEN in osteosarcoma 서성욱(특수암센터)
2003.06.30 (월) Diagnosis and treatment for adnexal mass 서상수(자궁암센터)
2003.06.23 (월) Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) 김찬규(위암센터)
2003.06.16 (월) Mini BMT (Non-myeloablative stem cell transplantation) 강형진(소아암연구과)
2003.06.09 (월) 의료분쟁 어떻게 대처할것인가? 신현호(의료법률정보센타)
2003.06.02 (월) Management of Posterior Fossa Tumors 신상훈(특수암센터)
2003.05.26 (월) CT Colonography 김영훈(대장암센터)
2003.05.19 (월) Clinical Implication of Chemokine in Cancer Metastasis 이준호(위암센터)
2003.05.12 (월) Living Donor Liver Transplanatation; Safety of Donor 김성훈(간암센터)
2003.04.28 (월) 중증급성호흡기증후군(SARS) 오명돈(서울의대 감염내과)
2003.04.21 (월) Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer 표홍렬(폐암연구과)
2003.04.14 (월) Follicular Neoplasm of the Thyroid Gland 김선욱(유방암센터)
2003.04.07 (월) Laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer 김영우(위암센터)
2003.03.31 (월) Conservation Surgery of the Larynx 류준선(특수암센터)
2003.03.24 (월) Emerging Molecular Marker of Cancer:Hypermethylation 동승명(자궁암연구과)
2003.03.17 (월) Pathologic prognostic factors in endometrial cancer 이선(자궁암센터)
2003.03.10 (월) Radiotherapy for rectal cancer 김대용(대장암연구과)
2003.03.03 (월) Emerging role of bone marrow-derived stem cells in tumor angiogenesis 김현경(혈액암연구과)
2003.02.24 (월) 학회보고 학회참석자
2003.02.17 (월) Sentinel node biopsy in Breast Cancer 이은숙(유방내분비암연구과)
2003.02.10 (월) 학회보고 학회참석자
2003.02.03 (월) Stability Control of human Bub R1, a mitotic checkpoint kinase, to Regulate the Apoptosis and the chromosomal Instability 이창우(간담췌암연구과)
2003.01.27 (월) Recombinant antibodies as cancer therapeutics 정준호(분자종양학연구과)
2003.01.20 (월) Stress-responsive transcription factors Atf1p and Pcr1p are involved in heterochromatin silencing at mating-type loci via the interaction with histone deacetylase Clr6p in fission yeast 장연규(폐암연구과)
2003.01.13 (월) Protein Network of DNA Damage Signaling Pathway 이창헌(발암원연구과)
2003.01.06 (월) Genome Wide Analysis of Gene Expression During Hematopoiesis 이상규(Chicago University)
2002.12.30 (월) Regulation of tumor angiogenesis by hif-Ia interacting proteins 김규원(서울대 약학대학 교수)
2002.12.23 (월) The role of NK receptor 2B4 on tumors; a novel strategy to facilitate immunotherapy for tumor patients? 이경미(University of Chicogo, Department of Pathology)
2002.12.16 (월) MRI in Breast Cancer 김은아(암예방검진센터)
2002.12.09 (월) Molecular Imageing of Cancer with PET Sanji v Sam Gamb(Crump Insititute for Molecular Imaging, UCLA)
2002.12.02 (월) Dietary modification and cancer prevention 이인구(암예방검진센터)
2002.11.25 (월) Why & when immunostaining is needed? 홍은경, 노재윤
2002.11.18 (월) Combined Modality Therapy in Lung Cancer : Past, Present and Future 최 학(Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Professor and Vice-Chairman)
2002.11.11 (월) 보건의료정보의 최근동향과 표준 곽연식(경북의과대학교 의료정보학교실 교수)
2002.10.28 (월) Expression Pharmacogenomics 김학균(위암연구과)
2002.10.21 (월) Transarterial Chemoembolization of Hepatocellular Carcinoma 박홍석(간암센터)
2002.10.16 (수) Yeast and Cancer Leland H. Hartwell(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
2002.10.14 (월) Radiofrequency Technique in Cancer Pain Management 김태형(위암센터)
2002.10.07 (월) Chronic Inflammation and the Pathogenesis of Primary Liver Cancer 박중원(간담췌암연구과)
2002.09.30 (월) Targeted-therapy in Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 이대호(혈액암연구과)
2002.09.23 (월) Prognostic Factors in Colorectal Cancers 박소연(대장암센터)
2002.09.16 (월) Nicotine Addiction and Genetic Polymorphisms 황보빈(폐암센터)
2002.08.26 (월) Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine Trial Dr. Silvia Franceschi(IARC/FRANCE)
2002.08.19 (월) Telomeres, Aging and Cancer: In search of a happy ending 김산호(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
2002.08.12 (월) Structural Analysis of TNF Signaling 박영철(코넬의대 생화학교실)
2002.08.05 (월) Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery 이종목(폐암센터)
2002.07.22 (월) Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Expression and Clinical Application 동승명(존스홉킨스 의대)
2002.07.15 (월) Compton Camera as the Next-generation 3D Gamma-ray Imager 이춘식(중앙대학교 물리학과 교수)
2002.07.08 (월) Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression 장연규 외 1인(성균관대 의과대학)
2002.07.08 (월) Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression 이준규 외 1인(서울대 생명과학부)
2002.07.08 (월) Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA replication 장연규 외 1인(성균관대 의과대학)
2002.07.08 (월) Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA replication 이준규 외 1인(서울대 생명과학부)
2002.06.24 (월) From Neurodegenerative Disease to Cancer 한인옥(이화여대)
2002.06.17 (월) Genetic Polymorphisms of Metabolizing Enzymes and Individual Cancer Risk.(Who will get cancer among smokers?) 박종윤(H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center)
2002.06.10 (월) Design and Structure of NCI's PLCO Cancer Screening Trials Richard B. Hayes(NCI)
2002.06.03 (월) Endoscopic Mucosal Resection for Early Gastric Cancer 최일주(위암연구과)
2002.05.27 (월) Current Trends in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer 정유석(특수암센터)
2002.05.20 (월) Genomic Instability and Cancer 장동경(서울대학교 인문대학 국사학과 교수)
2002.05.13 (월) Molecular Target-Therapy for Lung Cancer 한지연(국립암센터 폐암센터)
2002.04.29 (월) Intercaltion Route to Bio-Inorganic Nanohbrids 최진호(National Nanohybrid Materials Laboratory, SNU)
2002.04.24 (수) Human Genome Project at NIH 진혜민(서울대 의과대학 교수)
2002.04.22 (월) HER-2 Targeted Therapy in Breast Cancer 노정실(국립암센터 유방암센터)
2002.04.15 (월) Quantitative Proteome Analysis; New Technology and Applications 이유진(Institute for Systems Biology)
2002.04.08 (월) Management of spinal Metastasis 유헌(국립암센터 특수암센터)
2002.04.01 (월) Tissue Bank 김희성(국립암센터 위암센터)
2002.03.25 (월) Protein and RNA Factors That Regulate Transcription on Chromatin 이치근(UMDNJ-New Jersey의대 조교수)
2002.03.18 (월) Update in Surgery for Hepatocelluar Cancer 박상재(국립암센터 간암센터)
2002.03.11 (월) DNA Methylation and Cancer 강한성(국립암센터 유방암센터)
2002.03.04 (월) Dendritic Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy 이영준(국립암센터 진료지원센터 임상병리과)
2002.02.25 (월) Surgical Staging vs. 18-FDG PET in Cervical Cancer 노주원(국립암센터 자궁암연구과)
2002.02.18 (월) Mitotic Checkpoint Mechanisms Monitoring for Tumorigenesis 이창우(포항공대 생명과학부 연구교수)
2002.02.04 (월) Transcriptional Regulation of the TGF-β Type II Receptor Gene by Histone Acetyltransferase and Deacetylase 박석희(국립암센터 기초과학연구부)
2002.01.28 (월) Development of Robotic Surgery 조영호(국립암센터 진료지원센터 의공학과)
2002.01.21 (월) Identification of a Kinase Determining the Localization of Cyclin B1 in G2/M Phase in Xenopus Eggs 송희복(울산대학교 면역제어센터 연구교수)
2002.01.14 (월) A Gene Expression Database for the Molecular Pharmacology of Cancer 허철구(국가유전체정보센터 사업지원실 실장)
2002.01.07 (월) Neuraxial Opioi Administration for Cancer Pain Management 박종두(국립암센터)
2001.12.24 (월) New Drugs in the Treament of Cancer 박영석(국립암센터 임상시험센터)
2001.12.17 (월) Use of Anti-angiogenic and Anti-vascular Agent in the Treament of Cancer 송창원(미네소타주립의과대학주임교수)
2001.12.10 (월) Molecular Epidemiological Approach for Cancer Prevention 양미희(서울의대 예방의학교실 조교수)
2001.12.03 (월) Understanding the Circuit Tree of Cancer Cells though NCI's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project(NIH) Kenneth Buetow(NCI Center for Bioinformatics)
2001.11.29 (목) Prospective Cohort Study in Cancer Epidemiology 유근영
2001.11.26 (월) Signalling DNA damage through the ATM-hCds1 Pathway Myung K. Kim 외 1인(Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics. NIH)
2001.11.26 (월) Signalling DNA damage through the ATM-hCds1 Pathway Jay Hang Chung 외 1인(Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics. NIH)
2001.11.26 (월) Molecular Communication between the Tumo Suppressor PML and the Checkpoint Kinase Chk2 in Human Leukemia Myung K. Kim 외 1인(Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics. NIH)
2001.11.26 (월) Molecular Communication between the Tumo Suppressor PML and the Checkpoint Kinase Chk2 in Human Leukemia Jay Hang Chung 외 1인(Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics. NIH)
2001.11.12 (월) Biochip Informatics & Genomic Medicine 김주한
2001.11.05 (월) Gene Expression Change from Microarray Data 김미정(연세대 의대)
2001.10.29 (월) PET 영상 정합과 정량화 강건욱(국립암센터 핵의학연구부)
2001.10.22 (월) Quality od Life Assessment in Oncology 윤영호(국립암센터 삶의질향상연구과)
2001.10.15 (월) High Through - put Analysis of Human Genome and Identification of Disease Gene 이연수
2001.10.08 (월) Auto-PBSCT with CD34 positive cells for Neuroblastoma 박병규
2001.09.24 (월) IMRT in Cervix Cancer 신경환
2001.09.10 (월) Clinical Significance of Genetics in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Bloomfield.,M.D.
2001.09.03 (월) Postgastrectomy sysdrome and management 배재문
2001.08.27 (월) Sedation and Analgesia by Non-Anesthesiologist 김대현
2001.08.20 (월) Premalignant lesions in hepatocellular carcinoma 홍은경
2001.08.13 (월) Blood Conservation Strategies 이순애
2001.07.30 (월) Neutropenic fever 김남중
2001.07.23 (월) 정신종양학(psycho-oncology) 김종흔
2001.07.16 (월) Application of helper-dependent Adenovirus in Gene Therapy 김인후
2001.07.09 (월) Application of Display Proteomics to the Screening of Cancer-Associated Protein Candidates 이창원
2001.06.18 (월) Interventional pain management 한승문
2001.06.11 (월) Endoscopic Treatment for Malignant Obstruction of Gastrointestinal Tract 문영수
2001.05.28 (월) Alterations in the in k4a/ARF iocus and their effects on the growth of human osteosarcoma cell lines 박용범
2001.05.21 (월) Lung Cancer Screening with low dose CT 김혜영
2001.05.14 (월) Laparoscopic surgery in gastric cancer 류근원
2001.05.09 (수) 『Cancer Genome Anatomy Project in USA』 류명수(국립암센터 연구소 암역학/관리연구부과)
2001.05.02 (수) Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Estrogen in Prostate Cancer Cells Issac Kim(경실련 사무총장)
2001.04.25 (수) Current management of mandible in oral cancer 최성원(국립암센터부속병원 위암센터 방사선종양학)
2001.04.18 (수) Intravesiacl Therapy for Superficial Bladder Cancer 정진수
2001.04.11 (수) Bone Marrow MRI 이주혁
2001.04.04 (수) The role of BRCA1 after DNA damage 이종수(전 연세대총장)
2001.03.21 (수) 국소간병변 평가에 대한 조영증강 초음파의 유용성 장현정(국립암센터부속병원 진료지원센터)
2001.03.14 (수) 수술후 통증관리 김지희
2001.03.07 (수) New Perspectives in Lung Cancer Therapy 이진수
2001.02.28 (수) Stress Echocardiography 곽미향(Minnesota주립의대 신경외과 교수)
2001.02.14 (수) 대장암 재발시 PET의 유용성 최효성(국립암센터부속병원폐암센터)
2000.12.20 (수) 암연구결과물의 실용화 방안 이영성(국립암센터부속병원 진료지원센터)
2000.12.13 (수) What is PACS?; Now and Future 심정석(국립암센터부속병원 특수암센터 )
2000.12.06 (수) 침윤성 방광암에 대한 방광 보존치료 이강현
2000.11.29 (수) Patient Immobilization : How to handle organ motion 정원균
2000.11.22 (수) Clinical Results of Surgical Treatment in Lung Cancer 조재일(국립암센터부속병원 자궁암센터 )
2000.11.15 (수) Recent Advances in CORT of Recurrent Gynecologic Tumors Infiltrating the Pelvic Wall 박상윤
2000.11.08 (수) 위암의 근치적 수술후 방사선 치료 김대용(국립암센터부속병원 화학요법센터)
2000.11.01 (수) Dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy 김현경(국립암센터부속병원 특수암센터)
2000.10.25 (수) Evidence Based Approach to Cancer Pain 백남종(국립암센터연구소 암역학관리연구부)
2000.10.18 (수) Skin Sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction in Breast Cancer 이은숙
2000.10.04 (수) Cancer Registration 배종면(국립암센터원장)
2000.09.27 (수) Early Detection & Screening of Cancer 정승용(국립암센터부속병원 부원장)
2000.09.20 (수) Tumor Bank and Standardized Diagnosis in Oncologic Pathology 김희성
2000.09.06 (수) Laparoscopy in HPB Malignancies 박상재
2000.08.30 (수) Beyond the Human Genome 정준호
2000.08.23 (수) A Recent Update in Breast Cancer Surgery - Where Will We Go in the Future? 강한성
2000.08.16 (수) Nerve-sparing Radical Hysterectomy 노주원
2000.08.09 (수) 3-Dimensional Ultrasonography in Oncology ; Medison Project 조영호
2000.08.02 (수) Patient Controlled Sedation(PCS) 박종두
2000.07.19 (수) Clinical Trial 박영석
2000.07.12 (수) Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation (PBSCT) 이영준
2000.07.05 (수) PET & MCD/AC SPECT 강건욱
2000.06.28 (수) 호스피스 윤영호
2000.06.21 (수) IMRT 신경환(방사선종양학과)