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강좌일 강의제목 강연자
2019.12.20 (금) 스마트의료기기 R&BD 전략과 범부처 사업 소개 허영(한국스마트의료기기산업진흥재단)
2019.12.13 (금) 건강보험 자료를 이용한 연구방법론 김동욱 (국민건강보험공단 )
2019.11.22 (금) Molecular characterization of metastatic lesions from colorectal cancer 차용준(정밀의학연구부)
2019.11.15 (금) [연구윤리교육]Authorship과 올바른 저자표시 이인재
2019.11.08 (금) National colorectal cancer screening and pilot project in Korea 서민아(암예방검진부)
2019.11.01 (금) 맞춤형 줄기세포 세크리튬을 이용한 간(liver) 질환치료 연구 김세준 (가톨릭대학교 )
2019.10.18 (금) Exploring the molecular mechanisms to connect between metabolism and DNA damag e response 이인혜(이화여자대학교)
2019.10.11 (금) The abscopal effect; What is it and How can we use it 박세광(인제대학교)
2019.10.04 (금) A Building Block for Cancer Research of Complex Karyotype soft tissue sarcoma at National Cancer Center 유혜진(이행성연구부)
2019.09.20 (금) Impact of environmental exposure to persistent organic pollutants on lung cancer risk 박은영(암지식정보센터)
2019.09.06 (금) Disease monitoring by using image and cfDNA in HER2+ breast cancer 심성훈(이행성연구부)
2019.08.23 (금) 암 데이터베이스 연계 활용 연구의 실례와 한계 이재욱(암빅데이터센터)
2019.08.16 (금) 의료 빅데이터 연구를 통한 환자 예후 향상 임영석(서울아산병원 )
2019.08.09 (금) 2019 암연구코어센터 설명회 (The user strikes back!) 김상수(융합기술연구부)
2019.08.02 (금) Nanoparticle-based cancer therapy 한희동(건국대학교 )
2019.07.26 (금) Ubiquitination and Immune Homeostasis 이지호 (La Jolla Institute )
2019.07.19 (금) Problems and Perspectives of Translational Research in Targeted Theranostics 정준기(핵의학과)
2019.07.12 (금) Industry 관점에서 바라본 , 5G 시대를 맞이하는 병원과 연구소가 준비해야할 사항들 김종우(웰리시스 )
2019.07.05 (금) Chitinase3-like-1 is a novel target for controlling T cell differentiation and anti-tumor T cell immunity 최제민(한양대학교 )
2019.06.14 (금) 환자, 의사, 그리고 돈 이야기 강석범(정밀의학연구부)
2019.06.07 (금) 우리나라 바이러스 간염(A, B, C형)의 역학 기모란(암관리학과)
2019.05.24 (금) The role of autophagy in cancer 정희선(암생물학연구부)
2019.05.17 (금) LMO 생물안전교육 신승철 (국가연구안전관리본부)
2019.05.10 (금) Voice change and QoL in thyroid cancer 유창환(융합기술연구부)
2019.05.03 (금) Tumor molecular subtyping and a novel synthetic metabolic vulnerability in stem-like subtype gastric cancer 정재호(연세대학교 의과대학)
2019.04.19 (금) Molecular Signature in Cancer Genomics 조수영(생물정보분석팀)
2019.04.12 (금) Single cell RNA sequencing in cancer 이혜옥(삼성서울병원)
2019.04.05 (금) 특허 및 기술사업화 입문 허균(면역치료연구과)
2019.03.22 (금) Carrier-free Prodrug Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeting Therapy 김광명(KIST)
2019.03.15 (금) The Role of Lipids in T cell biology 김지형(고려대학교 생명공학부)
2019.02.22 (금) Cuticle formation in C. elegans ; An elegant research model for ECM regulation 심재갈(비교생명의학연구과)
2019.02.15 (금) Integrative Structure and Functional Anatomy of a Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) 김승중(KAIST 물리학과)
2019.02.08 (금) Cancer Genome and Chemical Screening for Precision Oncology 이진구(아주대 의과대학)
2019.02.01 (금) Application of Brca1-mutant mouse model in BRCA1-associated breast cancer 김상수(입자치료연구과)
2019.01.25 (금) Targeting cancer energy metabolism: the final journey to cancer cure 김수열(암미세환경연구과)
2019.01.18 (금) Firework pattern cancer genesis mechanism and possible therapeutic approach 강석구(연세대 의과대학)
2019.01.11 (금) Emerging Approaches to Fabricate Supported 조남준(Nanyang Technological)
2019.01.04 (금) Metabolomic approaches to find biomarkers for cancer screening test and companion diagnostics 유병철(생체표지자연구과)
2018.12.28 (금) Preclinical mouse models of radiation-induced lung injury 서양권(암관리학과)
2018.12.21 (금) Microenvironment in cancer metastasis 김미영(KAIST)
2018.12.14 (금) A role of Zinc-finger protein 143 for colon cancer malignancy via intra/intercellular communications 유혜진(암중개연구과)
2018.12.07 (금) 연구페스티벌 미정
2018.11.23 (금) Recent progress in systemic chemotherapy for advanced HCC 김보현(호발암연구과)
2018.11.16 (금) Enhancing Cancer Immunotherapy using Biomaterials 박천권(성균관대학교)
2018.11.09 (금) Study of autophagy process to apply to cancer treatment 김선신(신표적탐색연구과)
2018.11.02 (금) LMO 생물안전 교육 미정
2018.10.19 (금) Data-driven drug discovery for undruggable targets in lung cancer 차혁진(서울대학)
2018.10.12 (금) Mechanotransduction, a new dimension in cancer research 김필남(카이스트)
2018.10.05 (금) Safe expansion of living donor pool 김성훈(호발암연구과)
2018.09.21 (금) 연구 윤리 교육(학술출판활동과 연구윤리) 이인재(서울교육대학교)
2018.09.14 (금) Drug Repositioning: Inhibition of exosome secretion in cancer cells by an antibiotic 백문창(경북대학교)
2018.09.07 (금) Exploring clinically relevant molecular subtypes in cervical cancer using RNA-seq data 주정남(바이오메트릭스연구과)
2018.08.31 (금) Toward the Improvement of Prognosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Recent Researches at Seoul National University Hospital 이정훈(서울대병원)
2018.08.24 (금) 보건 현장 관점에서 바라본 헬스커뮤니케이션 이슈 박기호(암정책지원과)
2018.08.17 (금) Chromatin Targeting of Cancer Metastasis 노재석(연세대학교)
2018.08.10 (금) Liquid biopsy for cancer screening and monitoring 조영남(생체표지자연구과)
2018.08.03 (금) Regulation of Hippo Pathway in Cancer Biology 박현우(연세대학교)
2018.07.31 (화) GCSP Monthly Seminar
2018.07.27 (금) CAR-T: cancer immunotherapy using engineered T cells 한충용(면역치료연구과)
2018.07.20 (금) Chemical genomics approach for discovery of EMT-subtype selective anti-cancer therapies 김현석(연세대학교)
2018.07.13 (금) Assessment of tumor heterogeneity: an emerging imaging tool 고경란(생체표지자연구과)
2018.07.06 (금) YH25448 (Lazertinib), a Highly Selective 3rd Generation EGFR TKI for NSCLC Patients with Brain Metastases 조병철(신촌세브란스암센터)
2018.06.22 (금) 금요연구세미나 휴강(개원기념일)
2018.06.15 (금) 금요연구세미나 휴강(국제심포지엄)
2018.06.08 (금) Air pollution and health effects: previous evidence and new findings 김선영(암관리학과)
2018.06.01 (금) An intratumoral injectable drug depot and synergistic enhancement of anticancer activity 김문석(아주대학교)
2018.05.25 (금) GCSP Monthly Seminar
2018.05.18 (금) Mechanism of Therapeutic Antibodies Targeting Immune Checkpoint Proteins and TNF Superfamilies in the Treatment of Cancer and Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases 허용석(건국대학교)
2018.05.11 (금) LMO 생물안전 교육
2018.05.04 (금) K-MASTER 암정밀의료사업단 현황과 과제 김열홍(고려대학교)
2018.04.27 (금) GCSP Monthly Seminar
2018.04.20 (금) Myc 저해제 개발 정경채(암중개연구과)
2018.04.13 (금) Cancer Systems Biology 조광현(KAIST)
2018.04.06 (금) Questionnaire development for QOL evaluation 엄방울(암환자헬스케어연구과)
2018.03.30 (금) GCSP Monthly Seminar
2018.03.23 (금) TRAIP/RNF206 is required for recruitment of RAP80 to sites of DNA damage 김홍태(성균관대학교)
2018.03.16 (금) Apoptosis inhibitor 5: Unveiling protein functions by integrated functionomics 이병일(신표적탐색연구과)
2018.03.09 (금) 연구세미나 휴강 (국립암센터-한약진흥재단 공동 세미나)
2018.03.02 (금) 근적외선을 활용한 암진단-치료 연구 김석기(융합기술연구부)
2018.02.23 (금) Pancreatic cancer: present and future directions 우상명(생체표지자연구과)
2018.02.09 (금) Cancer Precision Medicine to accelerate Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies 박재현(Cancer Precision Medicine Inc.)
2018.02.02 (금) 신체활동과 암 윤이화(암예방사업과)
2018.01.26 (금) Antibody platform technology for cancer translational research 김용성(아주대학교)
2018.01.19 (금) Janus-faced role of SIRT1, NAD-dependent deacetylase in tumor and tumor microenvironment, and possibility as a therapeutic target 신동훈(암중개연구과)
2018.01.12 (금) Recent advances in immuno-oncology research 신의철(KAIST)
2018.01.05 (금) 폐암검진 시범사업 설계 및 효과평가 김열(암검진사업과)
2017.12.29 (금) Recent Deep Learning Applications in Nuclear Medicine 김태성(핵의학과)
2017.12.22 (금) Functionalized lipid-based nanocarriers for cancer targeting 최영욱(중앙대학교)
2017.12.15 (금) Role of CHFR and WRNpromotor methylation in irinotecan-based chemotherapy for colorectal cancer 장희진(정밀의료연구과)
2017.12.08 (금) nc886: a newly identified cellular non-coding RNA implicated in cancer and innate immunity 이용선(암의생명과학과)
2017.11.24 (금) 생물안전교육(LMO안전관리교육)
2017.11.17 (금) 금요연구세미나 휴강 (대한암학회)
2017.11.10 (금) Metabolomics approach for discovering cancer biomarkers and metabolic pathways 황금숙(한국기초과학지원연구원)
2017.11.03 (금) A comprehensive multi-omics approach for cancer precision medicine 김광표(경희대학교)
2017.10.27 (금) Developing Deep Proteome Profiling Technologies for Effective Integration of Genomic and Proteomic Data: Proteogenomic Characterization of Early Onset Gastric Cancer 이상원(고려대학교)
2017.10.20 (금) Inflammatory network during cellular senescence and aging 강찬희(서울대학교)
2017.10.13 (금) 초음파를 이용한 심혈관질환 진단 기술 박대우(혁신의료기술연구과)
2017.09.29 (금) 2018년도 기관고유연구사업 계획 설명회 최우복(연구지원팀)
2017.09.22 (금) TM4SF5-mediated regulation of hepatic metabolic pathways 이정원(서울대학교)
2017.09.15 (금) Cellular Immunotherapy in Hematologic Malignancy 엄현석(혈액암센터)
2017.09.08 (금) A new APC based therapeutic vaccine for cancer: overcoming MHC class I loss and immune cell exhaustion 강창율(서울대학교)
2017.09.01 (금) Association between screening and the thyroid cancer 'epidemic' in South Korea evidence from a nationwide study 박소희(연세대학교)
2017.08.25 (금) Clinical outcomes of proton beam therapy for choroidal melanoma in NCC 문성호(입자치료연구과)
2017.08.18 (금) Cancer Research using Korea Central Cancer Registry Data 원영주(암등록사업과)
2017.08.11 (금) 바이러스 감염에 의한 발암기전에서 non-coding RNA (nc886)의 역할규명 이연수(희귀난치암연구과)
2017.08.04 (금) Multiple Facet of Cellular Senescence in Cancer Treatment 이재선(인하대학교)
2017.07.28 (금) 연구비의 투명한 집행과 연구윤리의 실천 이인재(서울교육대학교)
2017.07.21 (금) Modeling peripheral genetic disorders by using direct cell engineering tools 김용준(경희대학교)
2017.07.14 (금) Current status and future prospects of pancreatic cancer 이우진(호발암연구과)
2017.07.07 (금) 근적외선 형광 물질을 이용한 위암 수술 (동물 실험) 윤홍만(혁신의료기술연구과)
2017.06.30 (금) Tumor treating fields: a new frontier in cancer therapy 윤명근(고려대학교)
2017.06.23 (금) 휴강(개원기념일)
2017.06.16 (금) Microenvironmental Regulation of Cancer Progression in glioma 이수재(한양대학교)
2017.06.09 (금) Moffitt Cancer Center 출장 및 AACR 학회 관련 리뷰 정희선 외 5인(암미세환경연구과)
2017.06.02 (금) Moffitt Cancer Center 출장 및 AACR 학회 관련 리뷰 김정선 외 2인(암의생명과학과)
2017.05.26 (금) 3D 프린팅 기술을 이용한 골종양 수술 강현귀(혁신의료기술연구과)
2017.05.19 (금) Advanced Endoscopic Imaging Technology 손대경(혁신의료기술연구과)
2017.05.12 (금) Statistics for Understanding Cancer Patient Survival and Survivorship 조현순(암관리학과)
2017.04.28 (금) Personalized Metagenomic Medicine: Cancer diagnosis and prediction using Nanovesicle metagenomics 김윤근(MD헬스케어)
2017.04.21 (금) Current Challenges in Prostate Cancer: Detection and Management 박종연(Moffitt Cancer Center)
2017.04.07 (금) RNA expression analysis using FFPE tissues 국명철(생체표지자연구과)
2017.03.31 (금) Genomic and metabolomic profiling of cerebrospinal fluid, which is bathing the central nervous system 곽호신(암관리학과)
2017.03.24 (금) Liver cancer research using rodent model 이승덕(비교생명의학연구과)
2017.03.17 (금) Breast cancer risk stratification in population level and precision prevention 박보영(암관리학과)
2017.03.10 (금) Molecular genetics of thyroid cancer 이은경(암중개연구과)
2017.03.03 (금) Novel strategies for Lung Cancer Therapy 이호영(서울대학교)
2017.02.24 (금) DTC Treatment Strategy with Various Recent Clinical Trials Marcia brose(University of Pennsylvania)
2017.02.17 (금) Clonal history and genetic predictors of transformation into small cell carcinomas from lung adenocarcinoma 주영석(한국과학기술원)
2017.02.10 (금) 흡연과 음주에 기인한 암의 경제적 부담 오진경(암관리학과)
2017.02.03 (금) Cytokine RNA regulators in inflammatory immune responses 이성욱(종양면역학연구과)
2017.01.27 (금) 휴강(구정)
2017.01.20 (금) 폐암 환자에서의 스마트애프터케어 시스템의 활용 양희철(폐암연구과)
2017.01.13 (금) 2017년 연구비 설명회-연구지원팀
2017.01.06 (금) Clinicopathologic Implications of Uncommon Breast Tumors 권영미(유방내분비암연구과)
2016.12.30 (금) Clinical and Translational Studies for Management of Patients with Hepatocellular carcinoma 박중원(간담췌암연구과)
2016.12.23 (금) Bioinformatics analysis examples on disease-derived Omics data 최선심(강원대학교 의생명과학대학)
2016.12.16 (금) General rules for functional microRNA targeting 백대현(서울대학교)
2016.12.09 (금) 국립암센터 종양은행의 운영 현황 이건국(대외협력실)
2016.12.02 (금) BAP1 as a Novel Therapeutic Candidate Biomarker in Solid Tumors 윤탁(특수암연구과)
2016.11.18 (금) Next generation optogenetics: tool development and applications 허원도(한국과학기술원)
2016.11.11 (금) Cancer Risk Prediction Models: Development and Validation 남병호(암관리학과)
2016.11.04 (금) Telomere maintenance without telomerase in worms and its medical implication 이준호(서울대학교)
2016.10.28 (금) Clinical researches in radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma 김태현(방사선의학연구과)
2016.10.21 (금) Optical sensors for smart medical devices 강전웅(M.I.T.)
2016.10.14 (금) Tumor angiogenesis and vascular normalization 권영근(연세대학교)
2016.10.07 (금) Minimally Invasive Mediastinal Staging of Lung Cancer 황보빈(폐암연구과)
2016.09.30 (금) Discovery of Pharmacological Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions 임현석(POSTECH)
2016.09.23 (금) Non-exposure Endo-laparoscopic Full-thickness Resection 김찬규(위암연구과)
2016.09.09 (금) Precision Medicine In Lung Canaer 한지연(정밀의학연구부)
2016.09.02 (금) The role of YAP in the regulation of adult stem cells and breast cancer stem cell 임대식(KAIST)
2016.08.26 (금) ICSBP, a novel inducer of EMT in osteosarcoma cells 박병규(소아청소년암연구과)
2016.08.12 (금) Discovery and clinical application of miRNAs biomarker in colorectal cancer metastasis 허근(경북대학교)
2016.08.05 (금) 암 임상연구를 위한 공익적 다기관연구 지원사업 김대용(대장암연구과)
2016.07.29 (금) Function Preserving Surgery in Early Gastric Cancer 류근원(위암연구과)
2016.07.22 (금) 국가암검진자료 연계 및 자료 활용방안 최귀선(암관리학과)
2016.07.15 (금) Data Engineering in Clinical and Translational Science 김동규(The George Washington University School of Medicine and Heal)
2016.07.08 (금) Soft Bioelectronics 김대형(서울대학교)
2016.06.24 (금) Cancer researches using zebrafish 배영기(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2016.06.10 (금) Targeting stemness for the treatment of cancer 장현철(분자종양학연구과)
2016.06.03 (금) DMBT1 and Colorectal cancer 김병창(대장암연구과)
2016.05.27 (금) Various analysis approaches derived from whole transcript sequencing: a comprehensive function resource of lncRNA 박찬이(생물정보분석팀)
2016.05.20 (금) Non-coding regulatory elements in cancer 김연재(특수암연구과)
2016.05.13 (금) Understanding of the molecular function from protein 3D structures: an example of the drug-complexed transpeptidase 김현숙(바이오분자기능연구과)
2016.04.29 (금) How to use cancer genome browser? 홍동완(생물정보분석팀)
2016.04.22 (금) 연구윤리확보를 위한 지침 개정의 중점과 연구윤리의 실천 이인재(서울교육대학교)
2016.04.15 (금) Regulation of pluripotency and differentiaton in mouse ES cell, GEM models of breast and lung cancer in NCC. 이호(암의생명과학과)
2016.04.08 (금) Proteomic analysis identified Sca-1 as a gastric cancer stem cell marker 김학균(바이오분자기능연구과)
2016.04.01 (금) Obesity, diabetes and Cancer: Uncovering the Mechanisms Linking Metabolism and Cancer Risk 박지영(UNIST)
2016.03.25 (금) Advances in molecular Point-of-Care tests (POCTs) and selection of POCTs 황상현(혈액암연구과)
2016.03.18 (금) Role of Hemorheology on Microvascular Disease and Cancer 조영일(Drexel University)
2016.03.11 (금) Targeting B cell receptor signaling pathway in hematologic malignancies 이혜원(혈액암연구과)
2016.03.04 (금) Epigenetic regulation in colorectal tumorigenesis 이승희(서울대학교약대)
2016.02.26 (금) DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in hematologic differentiation and transformation 고명곤(UNIST)
2016.02.19 (금) Cervical microbiome in cervical carcinogenesis 김미경(임상역학연구과)
2016.02.12 (금) 암관리종합계획(안) 발표 이덕형(국가암관리사업본부)
2016.02.05 (금) Genetic alteration in cancer 김영호(임상역학연구과)
2016.01.29 (금) Helicobacter pylori treatment for gastric cancer prevention: ongoing clinical trials at NCC. 최일주(위암연구과)
2016.01.22 (금) YAP/TAZ activation mediates BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma 김준(KAIST)
2016.01.15 (금) HPV(+) head and neck cancer and its treatment 정유석(특수암연구과)
2016.01.08 (금) 연구소 기반구축 코어랩 운영 과제 발표(2차) 홍경만 외 4인(유전체분석팀)
2015.12.18 (금) 연구소 기반구축 코어랩 운영 과제 발표 최범규 외 5인(종양면역학연구과)
2015.12.11 (금) Immune Dysregulation of Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder 김호진(특수암연구과)
2015.11.27 (금) Role of b2-spectrin in liver damage 김상수(방사선의학연구과)
2015.11.20 (금) Histone H3 variant mutations in childhood brain and bone tumors Anders Lindroth(암의생명과학과)
2015.11.13 (금) anoikis resistance and circulating tumor cell 김용연(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2015.11.06 (금) Enhanced mitochondrial membrane potential as a marker for the repopulating cancer cells 최범규(종양면역학연구과)
2015.10.30 (금) Application of NIR-F imaging in cancer surgery 정소연(유방내분비암연구과)
2015.10.23 (금) CMV, immunosenescence & human diseases 신의철(KAIST)
2015.10.16 (금) 구강암에서 표적치료제의 내성극복 최성원(특수암연구과)
2015.10.02 (금) Function of FA/BRCA pathway beyond DNA damage repair 이창헌(분자종양학연구과)
2015.09.25 (금) 연구윤리의 이해와 실천: 표절과 저자표시를 중심으로 이인재(서울교대)
2015.09.18 (금) Single-molecular aspects of signaling receptor: EGF receptor as a model 류성호(포항공대)
2015.09.11 (금) HIF-1/TIM-3 axis in the hypoxic brain damage 박은정(암의생명과학과)
2015.09.04 (금) Morphology linked Single Cell Genomics by Laser Sniping and Whole Exome Sequencing 권성훈(서울대학교)
2015.08.28 (금) Systematic identification of molecular subtype-selective vulnerabilities in non-small-cell lung cancer 김현석(연세대학교)
2015.08.21 (금) Actionable genome analysis in refractory cancer patients for precision oncology 박웅양(삼성서울병원)
2015.08.07 (금) Clinical NGS for Fast Tract Personalized Cancer Medicine 장세진(서울아산병원)
2015.07.31 (금) Systems biology application in cancer drug discovery 남승윤(정밀의학연구과)
2015.07.24 (금) A newly discovered non-coding RNA, nc886, that plays multifaceted roles in cancer 이용선(University of Texas)
2015.07.17 (금) NanoCosmos: Extracellular Vesicles as Nano-sized Extracellular Organelles 고용송(포항공대)
2015.07.10 (금) A secreted tyrosine kinase that acts in the extracellular environment 여창렬(이화여자대학교)
2015.07.03 (금) rMEL-18 is a new determinant for breast cancer treatment - cancer stem cell, EMT, triple negativity, and hormonal therapy resistance - 공구(한양대학교)
2015.06.26 (금) Necroptosis and its role in cancer cell death 김유선(아주대학교)
2015.06.19 (금) XAF1, a novel modulator of p53-NF-kB interplay in tumorigenic process 지성길(고려대학교)
2015.06.12 (금) 정량적 의학영상처리 분석에 대한 응용 연구 김광기(의공학연구과)
2015.06.05 (금) Clinical and Basic Research using Smart Prostate Cancer Database (SPC-DB) 이지열(가톨릭대학교)
2015.05.29 (금) Controlling the rolling the Cycle 김경태(분자역학연구과)
2015.05.22 (금) 암연구에 있어서의 항체 Theraphy 치료제 최근 동향 정준호
2015.05.15 (금) 검진자코호트 자료활용 방안 김정선(암관리학과)
2015.05.08 (금) Identification of a novel chemotherapeutic agent specific for tumors with DNA mismatch repair deficiencies 명경재(UNIST)
2015.04.24 (금) Adenovirus Immunogene Therapy for Cancer 이상진(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2015.04.17 (금) Discovery of a New Mendelian Disorder and Its Causative Gene (DDX58) 기창석(삼성병원)
2015.04.10 (금) 항체신약의 최근 트렌드 및 인간항체 라이브러리 플렛폼 박영우(한국생명공학연구원)
2015.04.03 (금) Genomic Characterization of Gastric Cancer and Its Application to Targeted Therapies 김지훈(아산병원&울산대의대)
2015.03.27 (금) 유헬스, 새로운 도전과 응용 오상우(동국대 일산병원)
2015.03.20 (금) 2015년도 R&D 실행계획 설명/의료 현장에서의 빅데이터 활용 윤건호(한국보건산업진흥)
2015.03.13 (금) Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF) Expression Induced by EGFRvIII Promotes Self-renewal and Infiltration of Glioma Stem Cells 박종배(암의생명과학과)
2015.03.06 (금) 기술사업화 전략 김종수(CNBD)
2015.02.27 (금) Identification of novel targets for pancreatic cancer therapy 김윤희(분자영상치료연구과)
2015.02.13 (금) 국립암센터의 지식재산경영전략 김종택((주)윕스)
2015.02.06 (금) c-Myc 저해제를 이용한 방광암 국소치료 효과 연구 서호경(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2015.01.30 (금) Epstein-Barr Virus Associated Gastric Cancer Display Low Heterogeniety with Focused Deregulation in Immune Response Genes 강명수(삼성서울병원)
2015.01.23 (금) Activatable theranostic photomedicine for imaging and therapy of cancers 최용두(분자영상치료연구과)
2015.01.16 (금) Molecular mechanisms of lipid accumulation in metabolic diseases 김재우(연세대학교)
2015.01.09 (금) 오믹스코어실험실 운영 홍경만(유전체분석팀)
2014.12.26 (금) Molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma using the integrated analysis of whole exome and transcriptome data 윤경아(폐암연구과)
2014.12.19 (금) How a FOXL2 mutation (402C-->G) contributes to the development of ovarian granulosa cell tumor? 배지현(중앙대)
2014.12.12 (금) Salinomycin Studies with Cancer Cell lines: from combination therapy to single treatment 윤성필(유방내분비암연구과)
2014.12.05 (금) Structural and biophysical insights into flagellin-mediated activation of TLR5 signaling 윤성일(강원대학교)
2014.11.21 (금) The C. elegans model for ECM remodeling 심재갈(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2014.11.14 (금) A newly identified immune checkpoint, VSIG4, a good candidate for cancer immunotherapy 최인학(인제대학교)
2014.11.07 (금) Regulation of cell cycle progression: one of the multifaceted roles of the transcription factor, C/EBPb in cancer 윤경실(폐암연구과)
2014.10.31 (금) Discovery of multi kinase inhibitors for gefitinib resistant non-small cell lung cancer including EGFR T790M 민경훈(중앙대 약학대학)
2014.10.24 (금) Non-Coding RNA Turnover on Tumorigenesis 김종헌(분자종양학연구과)
2014.10.17 (금) The roles of Gr1+CD11b+ bone marrow cells in liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma 정원일(KAIST)
2014.10.10 (금) LOXL2 와 유방암 악성화 및 전이 동승명(분자역학연구과)
2014.09.26 (금) Genetic analysis of prostate adenocarcinoma 박원서(혈액암연구과)
2014.09.19 (금) Shaping the Eukaryotic Transcriptome with Chromatin and ncRNA Stephen Buratowski(Harvard Medical School)
2014.09.12 (금) Mitotic infidelity and cancer development in mice 이현숙
2014.09.05 (금) Identification of occult papillary thyroid cancer by whole-specimen mapping 류준선(두경부종양클리닉)
2014.08.29 (금) NCC Proteomics Core equipped with Two Powerful Mass Spectrometers 유병철(대장암연구과)
2014.08.22 (금) Dynamic evolution of cancer genomes - longitudinal and horizontal views into prostate, gastric and colorectal cancer genomes 김태민(가톨릭대학교)
2014.08.08 (금) Transglutaminase 2 is a beautiful target for renal cell carcinoma 김수열(기초실용화연구부)
2014.08.01 (금) Development of structure based TRAP1 inhibitors 강병헌(UNIST)
2014.07.25 (금) Metabolism and autophagy: pathways for potential cancer therapeutics 정희선(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2014.07.18 (금) Lessons from genome-wide search for disease susceptibility genes and drug response genes Tokunaga, Katsushi (동경대학교)
2014.07.11 (금) Characterization of the molecular mechanisms of castration-resistant prostate cancer progression and novel therapeutic approaches 명재경(암의생명과학과)
2014.07.04 (금) Metabolic Dysregulation and Cancer in Obesity 김재범(서울대학교)
2014.06.27 (금) Cancer Therapeutic Strategies Targeting DNA Damage Response 김선신(정밀의학연구과)
2014.06.13 (금) Genomic Instability, Brain development and brain tumor 이영수(아주대학교)
2014.05.30 (금) Therapeutic Aptamers: Past, Present and Future 허균(정밀의학연구과)
2014.05.23 (금) B-type Cyclins Constitute an Oncogenic Family that Drives Tumorigenesis through Diverse Aneuploidization Mechanisms 남현자(Mayo Clinic)
2014.05.16 (금) A study on the regulatory mechanism for cancer cell malignancy through a zinc finger protein, znf143 유혜진(분자종양학연구과)
2014.05.09 (금) LMO를 활용한 연구에 대한 안전관리(개정LMO법 소개 및 생물안전관리 교육) 최경화
2014.05.02 (금) Cancer Survivorship Clinic and Program in MD Anderson Cancer Center Lewis E. Foxhall
2014.04.25 (금) Prognostic implications of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) in association with PD-L1 expression, and serum cytokine levels in early breast cancer. 박인혜(유방암센터)
2014.04.18 (금) Background and Project for Rhabdomyosarcoma Study in Japan Hajime Hosoi(Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)
2014.04.11 (금) Novel Connections between Innate Immunity and Metabolism, and Their Therapeutic Implications: a Systems Biology Approach 김휘진(Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School)
2014.04.04 (금) Exploring unknown trail of cancer cell survival 고성호(정밀의학연구과)
2014.03.28 (금) Mimicking myeloma niche ex vivo Dr. Jana Jakubikova(Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
2014.03.21 (금) New strategies for overcoming chemoresistance induced by hypoxia and targeted therapy in NSCLC and HNSCC 신동훈(폐암연구과)
2014.03.14 (금) MicroRNA network and genetic instability 송호석(고려대학교)
2014.03.07 (금) Multi-nuclear MRI for Molecular Imaging 김대홍(분자영상치료연구과)
2014.02.28 (금) Studies of regulatory noncoding RNAs using NGS technologies 남진우(한양대학교)
2014.02.21 (금) Clinical heterogeneity of oncogene-addictive cancers 이영주(폐암연구과)
2014.02.14 (금) Role of PRMTs in the regulation of hepatic gluconeogenesis 구승회(고려대학교 생명과학부)
2014.02.07 (금) c-Myc inhibitor and its applications to local treatment of bladder cancer 정경채(바이오분자기능연구과)
2014.01.24 (금) Generation of an iPS cell-derived cancer stem cell model and its use for cancer research Akihide Ryo(Yokohama City University)
2014.01.17 (금) LKB-1 tumor suppressor as a potent pro-apoptotic protein 노승배(부인암연구과)
2014.01.10 (금) Metabolism and Cancer: Old Friends are the Best Friends 전상민(아주대학교)
2014.01.03 (금) Structural biology of protein kinase at NCC 이병일(바이오분자기능연구과)
2013.12.27 (금) Exploring molecular pathways that link metabolism to aging 이인혜(이화여대)
2013.12.20 (금) Advanced Functional Nanostructures for Cancer Detection and Treatment : small, but strong in the fight against cancer 조영남(정밀의학연구과)
2013.12.13 (금) Identification of Runx3 as a gatekeeper of lung adenocarcinoma 배석철(충북대)
2013.12.06 (금) 암 유전체 및 network biology 기반으로 진단, 약물반응 분석에 관한 연구 및 서비스 허철구(암유전체연구과)
2013.11.29 (금) Non-coding regulatory elements and gene expression 김연재(특수암연구과)
2013.11.22 (금) Modulation of Multiple DNA Repair Pathways by Fanconi Anemia Protein SLX4/FANCP 김용환(숙명여대)
2013.11.08 (금) Thrombospondin-1 mediates oncogenic ras-induced senescence in pre-malignant lung tumors 백관혁(성균관대학교 의과대학)
2013.11.01 (금) 간세포암종에서 discoidin domain receptor 2 발굴과 Avatar model 확립 박중원(간담췌암연구과)
2013.10.25 (금) Molecular mechanism underlying differential regulation of PI3KC3/VPS34 complexes for autophagy 김정목(경희대학교)
2013.10.18 (금) Effects of Health Communication Campaigns on Behavior 박기호(암예방사업과)
2013.10.11 (금) Peroxiredoxin-dependent regulation of NADPH oxidase Nox1 권재열(충남대학교)
2013.10.04 (금) clinical trials to improve the survival in advanced ovarian cancer 박상윤(부인암연구과)
2013.09.27 (금) Normalization of tumor vessels by Sox17 inhibition 김인준(KAIST)
2013.09.13 (금) Chromatin remodeling in genome instability and cancer 권종범(이화여대 생명과학부)
2013.09.06 (금) Minimal invasive surgery in colorectal cancer 오재환(대장암센터)
2013.08.30 (금) 연구윤리교육 - 논문, 출판 저자표기 및 자기인용에 관한 기준 이원용(연세대학교 화학과)
2013.08.23 (금) Inositol polyphosphate multikinase signaling in the regulation of metabolism 김세윤(KAIST(한국과학기술원) 생명과학과)
2013.08.16 (금) Modeling of tumor progression using zebrafish 배영기(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2013.08.09 (금) Roles of Mis18 complex in centromere formation 김근일(숙명여자대학교 생명과학과)
2013.08.02 (금) 대표적인 건강기능식품의 효능과 안전성-체계적 문헌고찰과 메타분석을 중심으로 명승권(암예방검진센터)
2013.07.26 (금) Histone deacetylases and their regulatory microRNAs in liver cancer 남석우(가톨릭대학교 병리학교실)
2013.07.19 (금) Simultaneous PET/MRI: systems and applications 이재성(서울대 핵의학과)
2013.07.12 (금) Toward a Deeper Understanding of Cancer Metabolism by CE-MS-based Metabolomics Kenjiro Kami(Human Metabolome Technologie)
2013.07.05 (금) Translational Research using Animal Models for Treatment of Cancer Metastasis 남정석(가천대학교 기초의과학부)
2013.06.28 (금) The peritoneal cavity: Options for a targeted antibody therapy? Christoph Schuhmacher(Technical University of Munich)
2013.06.14 (금) Novel Function of AIMP2-DX2 on Lung cancer progression; Implication of Small cell lung cancer development and drug resistance 박범준(부산대 자연과학대학 분자생물학과)
2013.06.07 (금) Sweetening Pluripotency ; Glycosylation Directly Controls Stem Cell Pluripotency 장현철(분자종양학연구과)
2013.05.31 (금) Hospice & palliative care for terminal cancer patients 장윤정(호스피스완화의료사업과)
2013.05.24 (금) molecular piracy of T cell by a gamma-herpesviral protein 조남혁(서울대 의대)
2013.05.10 (금) selective cell death of pluripotent stem cells for teratoma inhibition after cell therapy 차혁진(서강대)
2013.05.03 (금) HPV co-factors related to the development of cervical cancer 김미경(임상역학연구과)
2013.04.26 (금) Research method for human microbiome and its clinical application 김봉수(서울대 천랩 생물정보연구소 소장)
2013.04.19 (금) Lower exteremity edema after LND for gynecological cancer 임명철(부인암연구과)
2013.04.12 (금) LETM1 as a New target of Warburg Effects in Human Cancers 박종선(충남대 의대)
2013.04.05 (금) Cell invasion via a cooperation between TM4SF5 and EGFR 이정원(서울대 약학대학)
2013.03.29 (금) 지역사회 간접흡연 노출 모니터링을 통한 금연구역 지정 정책 효과 평가 임민경(암예방사업과)
2013.03.22 (금) Functions and biologic significance of innate immune responses in murine polymicrobial abdominal sepsis - TOLL is not all Daniel Reim(위암연구과)
2013.03.15 (금) Introduction of “Patient Blood Management” 김영우(위암연구과)
2013.03.08 (금) Redox Modulation of Proinflammatory and Antiinflammatory Signaling for Cancer Chemoprevention 서영준(서울대학교)
2013.02.22 (금) The significance of protein lysine acetylation in aging and aging related diseases 김현석(이화여대)
2013.02.15 (금) 암대사연구 김수열(기초실용화연구부)
2013.02.08 (금) EGFR-targeted antibody therapeutics: Efficacy, unmet need, and current development status 원종화 (목암연구소 )
2013.02.01 (금) Genomic variant detection in massively parallel sequencing: current approaches and challenges 홍동완(암유전체연구과)
2013.01.25 (금) The role of a defective receptor tyrosine kinase PTK7 in tumorigenesis 이승택(연세대학교 생명시스템대학 생화학과)
2013.01.18 (금) Of mice and men; phase 0/I trial & gastric cancer proteogenome 김학균(바이오분자기능연구과)
2013.01.11 (금) Cancer progression and metastatis 김미영(한국과학기술원)
2013.01.04 (금) DNA damage pathway in cellular senescene, aging, and recombination 이호(바이오분자기능연구과)
2012.12.28 (금) Radiation and fluorescence guidance 김석기(분자영상치료연구과)
2012.12.21 (금) Neuropeptide regulates colitis-associated cancer in mice 임은옥(부산대학교)
2012.12.14 (금) Control of IL-21 gene expression by chromatin dynamics 김형표(연세대학교 의과대학)
2012.12.07 (금) Visualizing and Controlling Mammalian Cells for the Study of Cell Signaling 허원도(한국과학기술원(KAIST))
2012.11.30 (금) Chromosome segregation Building complex required for complete integrity 김경태(임상역학연구과)
2012.11.23 (금) 휴강
2012.11.16 (금) Galectins-mediated sterile inflammation 박은정(종양면역학연구과)
2012.11.09 (금) Upstream of mTOR signaling in response to various stresses 박인철(한국원자력의학원)
2012.11.02 (금) Discovery and development of p70S6K/Akt dual inhibitor 김문환(국가항암신약개발사업단)
2012.10.26 (금) 영상기반 의료기기 연구 및 개발 김광기(의공학연구과)
2012.10.19 (금) Elucidating the tumor suppressor role of ARID1A in human cancer Le-Ming Shih
2012.10.12 (금) NOTES 손대경(의공학연구과)
2012.10.05 (금) Innate Immunity and Inflammation 조은경(충남대학교)
2012.09.28 (금) Mitochondria-ER communication and combination cancer therapy 강병헌(울산과학기술대학교)
2012.09.21 (금) What is my GPS, “Garmin nuvi”, in bioinformatics?: Led by pathway analysis 남승윤(암유전체연구과)
2012.09.14 (금) Precision genome editng in cells and animals with ZFNs and TALENs 김진수(서울대학교 화학부)
2012.09.07 (금) Robust statistics for two-stage genetic association studies 주정남(바이오메트릭연구과)
2012.08.31 (금) CRIg controls DAMP-mediated inflammation 최범규(종양면역학연구과)
2012.08.24 (금) Premature senescence, a novel anticancer mechanism in glioma and breast cancer cells 이재선(원자력의학원)
2012.08.17 (금) Protein Quality Control of Tumor Suppressors by E3 ligases Is Necessary for Tumorigenesis 송재환(연세대학교 생화학과)
2012.08.10 (금) Cervical Neoplasia Research at UAB Nutrition Sciences: Recent Findings, Ongoing Studies and Future Directions Dr. Piyathilake C(Univ. of Alabama)
2012.08.03 (금) Identification of protein factors regulating Fanconi anemia/BRCA DNA damage pathway in cancer cells 이창헌(분자종양학연구과)
2012.07.27 (금) Regulation of RNA metabolism in diseases 이은경(카톨릭대학교 생화학과)
2012.07.20 (금) NCC Cancer Screenee cohort and its application in cancer research 신애선(분자역학연구과)
2012.07.13 (금) Inhibition of cancer cell growth and angiogenesis by targeting an antioxidant enzyme 강상원(이화여자대학교 생명과학과)
2012.07.06 (금) Reversal of multi-drug resistance via lipd raft modulation 김용연(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2012.06.29 (금) Genotype-Based Personalized therapy for NSCLC 한지연(이행성임상제1연구부)
2012.06.15 (금) 일본국립암센터 초청강연 Hitoshi Nakagama 외 1인(일본국립암센터)
2012.06.08 (금) Genetic approach for the extracellular matrix regulation using C. elegans 심재갈(비교생명의학연구과(삭제))
2012.06.01 (금) Serpin B5, a CEA-related biomarker for colorectal cancer 장희진(대장암연구과)
2012.05.25 (금) 암세포에서 유전자 카피수 증가와 항암제 민감성과의 관련성 홍경만 외 1인(분자종양학연구과)
2012.05.18 (금) b2-spectrin: A way of communication from cytoskeleton to regulatory signal 김상수 외 1인(방사선의학연구과)
2012.05.11 (금) Cancer Therapy and Animal Models in NCC 이상진 외 1인(비뇨생식기암연구과)
2012.05.04 (금) 종양은행의 운영 현황 이건국 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2012.04.27 (금) ER Stress, GRASP, and Unconventional Trafficking 이민구 외 1인(연세대 약리학)
2012.04.20 (금) Clonal Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GVHD) 송순욱 외 1인(인하대학교)
2012.04.13 (금) Transcription termination by RNA polymerase II 김민규 외 1인(서울대학교)
2012.04.06 (금) Glioma migration on the myelin 박종배 외 1인(특수암연구과)
2012.03.30 (금) Genomic instability and Radiosensitivity 김주영 외 1인(자궁난소암센터)
2012.03.23 (금) Epithelial-mesenchymal transition of cancer cells regulated by p53 and Wnt signaling 육종인 외 1인(연세대학교 치의예과)
2012.03.16 (금) 의료기기 R&D 전략 및 산업 활성화 허영 외 1인(한국산업기술평가원)
2012.03.09 (금) Structural basis for activation of autophagic E1-enzyme 송현규 외 1인(고려대학)
2012.03.02 (금) Is Adenylate Kinase 2 a Tumor Suppressor? 정용근 외 1인(서울대학교 자연대)
2012.02.24 (금) A novel multifunctional core-shell nanoparticle platform for efficient dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy 성승용 외 1인(서울대학교 의과대학)
2012.02.17 (금) Clinical significance of fibrinogen in colorectal cancer 박지원 외 1인(대장암연구과)
2012.02.10 (금) Anti-hepatoma strategy to target HIF-1 박종완 외 1인(서울대 의대 약리학)
2012.02.03 (금) Multifunctional trans-splicing ribozyme을 이용한 cancer gene therapy 김윤희 외 1인(분자영상치료연구과)
2012.01.27 (금) Statistical Challenges in the Genome-wide Association Studies 박태성 외 1인(서울대학교 통계학과)
2012.01.20 (금) LOME (LOw-Mass-ion Equation) for Cancer Screening 유병철 외 1인(대장암연구과)
2012.01.13 (금) RANK Ligand and RANK System in Bone Biology and Diseases 이수영 외 1인(이화여대 생명과학과)
2012.01.06 (금) SNPs in gastric cancer 최일주(위암연구과)
2011.12.30 (금) GWAS-identified candidate loci for lung cancer risk and prognosis; including suggestions for post-GWAS analysis 윤경아 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2011.12.23 (금) Exome sequencing deciphers skeletal dysplasia 박웅양 외 1인(서울대학교 의학과)
2011.12.16 (금) Genetic control of growth in Drosophila eye development 최광욱 외 1인(카이스트 생명과학과 교수)
2011.12.09 (금) 세포막 단백질을 이용한 전이 예방 백신 전략 시험 김문교 외 1인(인하대 생명과학과)
2011.12.02 (금) In vitro studies to increase sensitization of anti-cancer drugs 윤성필 외 1인(유방내분비암연구과)
2011.11.18 (금) Targetting vascular endothelium: What to do? & How to do? 권영근 외 1인(연세대 생명과학과 )
2011.11.11 (금) The regulation and role of SUV39H2 histone methyltransferase 윤경실 외 1인(폐암연구과)
2011.10.28 (금) The role of hRIPbeta ubiquitination in RPA transport 박준수 외 1인(연세대학교)
2011.10.21 (금) Novel Fc-engineered anti-HM1.24 monoclonal antibody against multiple myeloma 공선영 외 1인(혈액암연구과)
2011.10.14 (금) Studies on human skin and hair disorders using animal models: Epidermal ablation of Dlx3 is linked to IL-17-associated skin inflammation 황준성 외 1인(한국생명공학연구원)
2011.10.07 (금) Inflammatory microenvironment and microRNA dysregulation in gastric cancer mouse models Masanobu Oshima 외 1인(Kanazawa University)
2011.09.30 (금) Epigenetic regulation of UVB-induced inflammation and stem cell pluripotency 금영삼 외 1인(동국대학교)
2011.09.23 (금) Neuronal proteins and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 김은준 외 1인(KAIST)
2011.09.16 (금) Individualized lymph node dissection in the treatment of endometrial cancer 강석범(-)
2011.09.09 (금) Heterochromatin protein (HP1) loads the FACT histone chaperon complex onto elongating by RNA polymerase II 권소희(연세대 약대)
2011.09.02 (금) Genome-wide association (GWAS) and large-scale resequencing studies conducted within the US National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (NCI-DCEG) Yeager M(미국NCI)
2011.08.26 (금) Notch1 Differentially Regulates Oncogenesis by Wildtype p53 Overexpression and p53 Mutation in Grade III Hepatocellular Carcinoma 정구흥(서울대학교)
2011.08.19 (금) Prediction of clinical outcome of preoperative chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer 김선영(대장암센터)
2011.08.12 (금) Development and Evaluation of Cancer Risk Prediction Models and their practical Implementations for the general public 남병호(암통계연구과)
2011.08.05 (금) Ndrg1, a novel mediator of T cell clonal anergy 최경호(특수암연구과)
2011.07.29 (금) Imaging and therapy with molecular signature-specific peptides 김인산(경북대학교 의과대학)
2011.07.22 (금) ambiguity of thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment 이유진(유방내분비암연구과)
2011.07.15 (금) Small non-coding RNAs: microRNAs and beyond 이용선(University of Texas Medical Branch)
2011.07.08 (금) Negative Regulation of p53-dependent apoptosis by HDAC3 complex in Oncogenesis 윤호근(연세대학교 의과대학)
2011.07.01 (금) 지속가능한경영을 위한 기업의 특허경영전략 박종효(R&D특허센터)
2011.06.24 (금) Translational Research in the IGF Axis from Bench to Clinic 이호영 외 1인(서울대학교)
2011.06.10 (금) Role of TGF-beta receptors in physiological and pathological angiogenesis 오석 외 1인
2011.06.03 (금) Post-transcriptional Regulation on Tumorigenesis Mediated by RNA-Binding Proteins and RNA Modifiers 김종헌 외 1인
2011.05.27 (금) Communications Skills Training for Oncologists and Oncology Nurses Uchitomi Yosuke 외 1인
2011.05.20 (금) Discovery of Myc inhibitors for cancer therapy 정경채 외 1인
2011.05.13 (금) Enigma destabilizes p53 by inhibiting self-ubiquitination of Mdm2 oncoprotein and promotes tumor cell survival 임동수 외 1인
2011.05.06 (금) Regulation of p53 Activity by Protein-L-isoaspartyl Methyltransferase 한정환 외 1인
2011.04.29 (금) Theragnostic nanomedicine: benefits and problems 최용두 외 1인
2011.04.22 (금) iPS cells for biomedical research and future application to therapy & cancer stem-like cells 조쌍구 외 1인
2011.04.15 (금) Novel regulatory pathway of oncogenic Src kinase activity 조재열 외 1인
2011.04.08 (금) The RANKL-RANK system in bone and cancer 김홍희 외 1인
2011.04.01 (금) Spinal Muscular Atrophy : Saving shortened SMN protein 조성찬 외 1인
2011.03.25 (금) Modeling Breast Cancer Through the Mammary-specific Knockout of Smad4, E-Cadherin & Trp53 동승명 외 1인
2011.03.18 (금) Gastric carcinogenesis & Gastric cancer biomarkers 이혁준 외 1인
2011.03.11 (금) Stress Proteins in Cancer 이윤실(이화여자대학교)
2011.03.04 (금) b-Lapachone Induces Multiple Cell Death: Necroptotic and Autophagic Cell Death 권택규(계명대학교)
2011.02.25 (금) Improved Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer Using a Stratified Combination of Fecal Occult Blood Test with Fecal DMBT1 and Calgranulin B 김병창(대장암센터)
2011.02.18 (금) New regulator of NF-κB pathway in Cell death and Inflammation 박웅양 외 1인(카이스트 생명과학과 교수)
2011.02.18 (금) New regulator of NF-κB pathway in Cell death and Inflammation 김유선(아주대학교 의과대학)
2011.02.11 (금) Effects of post-translatinoal modification of tumor suppressors on cell survial and death 송재환, 외 1인
2011.01.28 (금) Runx3 is required for the differentiation of lung epithelial cells and suppression of lung cancer 권영근 외 1인
2011.01.21 (금) Ephrin Control of Cell Adhesion and Movement 이현식 외 1인
2011.01.14 (금) Tumor suppressor LKB1 and its targets, AMPK-related kinases 정종경 외 1인
2011.01.07 (금) Oncogene-specific cancer models generated from human primary cells 김석현 외 1인
2010.12.31 (금) Clinical Significance of Apelin Expression in Oral Cavity Cancer 최성원(구강종양클리닉)
2010.12.24 (금) Development and Characterization of Aptamers against PAUF and IL-8 허균(기능유전체연구과)
2010.12.17 (금) Scaffold-Free Transplants of Tissue Construct for Regenerative Medicine 이정익(건국대학교)
2010.12.10 (금) Bioinformatic analysis in cancer genome research using next generation sequencing technology 김남신(한국생명공학연구원)
2010.12.03 (금) 암환자의 진단 및 치료의 혁신을 가져오는 의료용 기기 개발 조영호(의공학연구과)
2010.11.26 (금) Structural studies of transglutaminase 2 and apoptosis inhibitor 5 이병일(분자종양학연구과)
2010.11.19 (금) Application of Genetically Modified Mouse Models to Cancer Research Richard H.(TIGM)
2010.11.12 (금) Tumor Ablation by Gene-Engineered T Cells in the Absence of Autoimmunity Phillip K.(Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia)
2010.11.05 (금) Next-Generation Sequencing of transcriptional regulome and DNA-repair epigenome for cancer studies 최정균(KAIST)
2010.10.29 (금) Biomarker detection for the diagnosis and therapy of lymphoma 엄현석(혈액암연구과)
2010.10.22 (금) Two Worlds : The Challenge of Global Cancer Control Simon B. S(Canadian Partnership Against Cancer)
2010.10.15 (금) A study on the regulatory mechanism for IGF-1/IGF-1R signaling in cancer cells 유혜진(발암원연구과)
2010.10.08 (금) NGS를 이용한 human 및 animal microbiota 비교 연구 고광표(서울대보건대학원)
2010.10.01 (금) Role of UAP56 in pre-mRNA splicing 심해홍(광주과학기술원)
2010.10.01 (금) Role of UAP56 in pre-mRNA splicing 심해홍(광주과학기술원)
2010.09.24 (금) Signaling pathways for the maintenance of stemness in glioma stem-like cell populations 이수재(한양대학교)
2010.09.17 (금) Anticancer effects of daurinol isolated from Mongolian medicinal plant Haplopyllum dauricum, and its molecular mechanism
2010.09.10 (금) Strategies to overcome apoptotic resistance in cancer cells 최경숙(아주대학교)
2010.09.03 (금) Clinical application of BRAF mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma 정기욱(갑상선암센터)
2010.09.03 (금) Clinical application of BRAF mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma 정기욱(갑상선암센터)
2010.08.27 (금) Aberrant expression and function of tumor suppressor RUNX3 이유미(경북대학교)
2010.08.20 (금) Cancer mitochondrial chaperone networks and anticancer drug development 강병헌(울산과학기술대학교)
2010.08.13 (금) MST1-FOXO signaling protects naive T lymphocytes from oxidative stress 최주현(LG생명과학 의약연구소)
2010.08.06 (금) Attenuation of the immune system caused by aging and atomic bomb radiation exposure Tomonori(Immunology Laboratory, Department of Radiobiology/Molecular Epidemiology, Radiation Effects Research Foundation)
2010.07.30 (금) 검진자 코호트 자료의 활용 김정선(암역학연구과)
2010.07.23 (금) Mouse models in cancer research : application in targeting IGF-1R/Akt pathway for chemoprevention and cancer therapy 오승현(암실험자원연구과)
2010.07.16 (금) Syndecan proteoglycan as a potential biomarker for colon cancer 오억수(이화여자대학교 생명과학과)
2010.07.09 (금) Identification and characterization of novel DNA damage response inhibitors for cancer therapy 김선신(발암원연구과)
2010.06.25 (금) Cabin1 restrains p53 activity on chromatin 윤홍덕(서울대학교 의과대학)
2010.06.11 (금) 간암 진행과 전이에 관련된 유전자 및 신호전달체계 연구 박중원(이행성임상제1연구부)
2010.06.04 (금) Clinical Trials of Adoptive T Cell Therapy 김태규(가톨릭대학교 의과대학)
2010.05.28 (금) Development of tumor model using zebrafish: genetic engineered brain tumor models and xenograft models 배영기(암실험자원연구과)
2010.05.14 (금) Escaping the firing squad: BubR1 acetylation, the regulation of APC/C and Cancer 이현숙(서울대학교 생명과학부)
2010.05.07 (금) Some Influence on Psychological Well-Being after Treatment for Breast Cancer Charles S.(Department of Psychology, University of Miami)
2010.04.30 (금) Nanostructured heparin derivatives as a new angiogensis inhibitor 변영로(서울대학교 약학대학)
2010.04.23 (금) Intra-operative hyperthermia treatment for metastatic brain tumors 유헌(특수암연구과)
2010.04.16 (금) Functional Roles of Tumor Suppressor ARH1 Protein in Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis 노승배(자궁암연구과)
2010.04.09 (금) Ras stability regulation via the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling involves cellular proliferation and transformation 최강열(연세대학교 생명시스템대학 생명공학과)
2010.04.02 (금) Prediction of tumor necrosis fraction using plasma TGF-beta 1 concentrations and [18F]-FDG-PET/CT indices in osteosarcoma patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy. 박병규(소아암연구과)
2010.03.26 (금) Exploring complex diseases via network-guided genetics 이인석(연세대학교 생명공학과)
2010.03.19 (금) Genome-Wide Study of Alternative Splicing in Stomach Cancer 고성호(기능유전체연구과)
2010.03.12 (금) Mitotic cell cycle in human diseases 이창우(성균관대학교 의과대학)
2010.03.05 (금) Targeted delivery of siRNA for therapy 이상경(한양대학교 생명공학과)
2010.02.26 (금) The good, the bad, and the ugly: multi-facets of Transglutaminase 2 in NF-kB activation 김수열(분자종양학연구과)
2010.02.19 (금) 암 검진 혈액분석 시스템 김철우(서울대학교의과대학 병리학교실 교수)
2010.02.12 (금) 의료용 로봇기술의 미래 이병주(한양대학교 전자컴퓨터공학부)
2010.02.05 (금) Tailored Intervention Study on Quality of Life and Quality of Care in Oncology 윤영호(암관리연구과)
2010.01.29 (금) Prediction of pathologic response after preoperative chemoradiation for rectal cancer 김대용(대장암연구과)
2010.01.22 (금) Characterization of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells 도정태(CHA의과대학교 의생명과학과)
2010.01.15 (금) molecular predictors of treatment response in the triple negative breast cancer 강한성(유방내분비암연구)
2010.01.08 (금) Immunological strategies for treating chronic viral infections: implication in cancer vaccine 하상준(연세대학교 생화학과)
2009.12.18 (금) Folate, vitamin B12, and genetic polymorphisms of folate-metabolizing enzymes, and the risk of cancer 김미경(암역학연구과)
2009.12.11 (금) New roles for LATS kinase, the tumor suppressor, revealed using C. elegans as a model system 이준호(서울대학교 생명과학부)
2009.12.04 (금) Cancer Therapeutics Based on Nucleic Acids 김인후(융합기술연구부)
2009.11.27 (금) A new approach in drug discovery: Personalized drug for metastatic melanoma 김성호(U.C.Berkeley)
2009.11.20 (금) Novel function of Eya phosphatase in apoptotic cells 주봉건(서강대학교 생명과학과)
2009.11.13 (금) Functional Dissection of CHFR Ub-ligase in Tumorigenesis 설재홍(서울대학교 생명과학부)
2009.10.30 (금) Implantable drug delivery system 김대현(대장암연구과)
2009.10.23 (금) Roles of the Hippo pathway in organ size control, adult progenitor cell proliferation and tumorigenesis 임대식(KAIST 생명과학기술대학)
2009.10.16 (금) Cancer Epigenome study by quantitative analysis of DNA methylation 이연수(기능유전체연구과)
2009.10.09 (금) Role of Cell Death in Diabetes & Cancer - Autophagy: a new mode of cell death - 이명식(성균관대학교 의과대학)
2009.09.25 (금) Regulation of Tetraspan TM4SF5-mediated Carcinogenesis 이정원(서울대학교 약학대학)
2009.09.18 (금) Peli1 facilitates TRIF-dependent Toll-like receptor signaling and proinflammatory cytokine production 장미경(MD Anderson Cancer Center)
2009.09.11 (금) Interactomics, A novel Approach To Modulate the Specific Intracellular Signaling Pathway 이상규(연세대학교 생명공학과 면역세포공학연구실)
2009.09.04 (금) Mitosis Regulation and Cancer 김경태(기능유전체연구과)
2009.08.28 (금) Multiple anti-inflammatory mechanisms by the inhibitory Smads, Smad6 and Smad7 박석희(성균관대학교 생명과학과)
2009.08.21 (금) 소동물 영상장비의 이용과 연구소 방사선안전관리 김석기(분자영상치료연구과)
2009.08.14 (금) Antitumor activity of 90K glycoprotein in colorectal cancer cells via a CD9/CD82 web 김경근(전남대학교 의과대학)
2009.08.07 (금) 의료영상기반의 의료로봇연구 김광기(의공학연구과)
2009.07.31 (금) Interactions Between TLRs and Prostaglandins 박은정(면역/세포치료연구과)
2009.07.24 (금) The role of NKT cells in secondary phases of adaptive immunity 박세호(고려대학교 생명과학대학)
2009.07.17 (금) Involvement of Galectin-3 in Gastric Cancer Metastasis 전경희(위암연구과)
2009.07.10 (금) Decreased Expression of Lactate Dehydrogenase B (LDHB) Enhances the Invasiveness of Hepatoma Cells by Inducing Claudin-1 Expression 윤계순(아주대학교 의과대학)
2009.07.03 (금) 4-1BB functions as a survival factor in dendritic cells 최범규(면역세포치료연구과)
2009.06.26 (금) Gene/drug/growth factor loaded nanoparticles for stem cell differentiation 박근홍(.)
2009.06.19 (금) Cholesterol, Cell Signaling and Prostate Cancer Michael R(Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School)
2009.06.12 (금) Metabolic Impacts of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1α on Lipogenesis 박현성(서울시립대학교 생명과학과)
2009.06.05 (금) Structure and Property based Drug Discovery: Discovery of Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitor 한균희(연세대학교 생명공학과)
2009.05.29 (금) Silencing by small RNAs is linked to endosome trafficking 이영식(고려대학교 생명과학부)
2009.05.22 (금) Applications of Gamma-H2AX in Cancer Treatment Peggy Loui(Medical Biophysics Department, B.C. Cancer Agency)
2009.05.15 (금) Selective generation of spinal neuronal subtypes by LIM transcription factors and LMO oncogene 송미령(광주과학기술원 생명과학과)
2009.04.24 (금) Marking, tracing, and manipulating of the putative self-reactive CD4 T cells 김중규((주)이젠바이오텍)
2009.04.17 (금) A common lipid links Mfn-mediated mitochondrial fusion and SNARE-regulated exocytosis 최석용(전남대학교 의과대학)
2009.04.10 (금) Role of Wnt signaling in tumorigenesis and neurodegeneration 조익훈(서울시립대학교 자연과학대학 생명과학과)
2009.04.03 (금) Functional screening of human genes in zebrafish 김철희(충남대학교 생물학과)
2009.03.27 (금) mRNA Surveillance Mechanisms 김윤기(고려대학교 생명과학부 부교수)
2009.03.20 (금) Activation of Histone Deacetylase 2 Mediates Cardiac Hypertrophy 국 현(전남대학교 의과대학)
2009.03.13 (금) Molecular mechanism for Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and its implication to the tumorigenesis in the high insulin/IGF-1 environment 하남출(부산대학교 약학대학 부교수)
2009.03.06 (금) Systemic delivery of anti-HCV siRNA using an HCV mouse model 김미현(목암생명공학연구소 바이러스팀)
2009.02.27 (금) The role of tetraspanins in Drosophila development and cell migration 조경상(건국대학교 생명과학과 조교수)
2009.02.20 (금) 암연구기획에서 knowledge map 연구방법론 소개 이혁재(한국과학기술정보연구원(KiSTi), 정보분석본부/미래기술연구팀)
2009.02.13 (금) 출산요인과 여성암 백인경(고려대학교 의과대학원)
2009.02.06 (금) New nanoparticles with anticancer and MRI functions for liver cancer 홍순선(인하대학교 의과대학 분자유전자의학 & 임상연구센터)
2009.01.30 (금) Human Papillomavirus E6/E7 siRNA Potentiates the Therapeutic Effects of Cisplatin in Cervical Carcinoma 신영기(서울대학교 약학대학)
2009.01.23 (금) predictive gene signatures for cisplatin resistance 김학균(분자종양학연구과)
2009.01.16 (금) Study of Smad7 as therapeutic reagent and transcription activator in inflammation and apoptosis 홍선택(가천의과대학(이길여암당뇨연구원))
2009.01.09 (금) Ras Signaling in Human Breast Cell Invasion 문애리(덕성여자대학교 약학대학)
2008.12.26 (금) Anti-angiogenic activity of IGFBP-3 by control of Egr1-bFGF gene transcription 김재현(Baylor College of Medicine)
2008.12.19 (금) Cooperative study on population-based cancer survival data in East Asia Dr. Hideo(Division of Epidemiology and Prevention, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute)
2008.12.05 (금) Roles of Hepatitis B virus X protein in the HBV-induced lipogenesis and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma 이미옥(서울대학교 약학대학)
2008.11.28 (금) Forward Genetics of a Tumor-Associated Herpesvirus 송문정(고려대학교 생명공학부)
2008.11.21 (금) Adoptive T Cell Therapy of Cancer Cassian Ye(Dept of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, University of Washington)
2008.11.14 (금) New systems for Therapeutic antibody development 김대희(Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute)
2008.11.07 (금) NCC RF 우수포스터 발표
2008.10.31 (금) personal genetic difference in drug efficacy and toxicity 강창원(KAIST 생명과학기술대학 생명과학과)
2008.10.24 (금) Dysadherin as Molecular Target in Cancer Metastasis 남정석(가천의과학대학교 이길여 암 당뇨 연구원)
2008.10.17 (금) 암역학 연구에서 검진자코호트의 활용 신애선(암코호트과)
2008.10.10 (금) STAT3 is a Potential Target for Cancer Angiogenesis 예상규(서울대학교 약학대학)
2008.09.26 (금) Advances in treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma Anthony(Professor of Clinical Oncology,The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
2008.09.19 (금) 한국인체자원중앙은행의 소개 배근량(질병관리본부 보건의료생물자원관리 TF팀장)
2008.09.12 (금) Hepatitis virus, alcohol, and tobacco in etiology of hepatocellular carcinoma 임민경(암예방과)
2008.09.05 (금) 유전체코호트에서 전장유전체(GWAS, Genome Wide Association Study)연구방안 성주헌(암예방사업부)
2008.08.29 (금) Wip1 as a tumor suppressor modulator 차혁진(포천중문의과대학)
2008.08.22 (금) New trend of radiooncology / nuclear medicine and CINV PetraFeyer(Vivantes Clinics Neuk?lln Clinic of radiotherapy, radiooncology and nuclear medicine)
2008.08.08 (금) Expanding the structural diversity repertoire of siRNAs 이동기(성균관대학교)
2008.08.01 (금) Epigenetic biomaker for cancer diagnostics: Genome-level discovery of new methylation DNA biomarker and clinical validation in cancers 안성환(Genomictree, Inc)
2008.07.18 (금) Development of verification method for proton beam treatment 이세병(양성자치료센터)
2008.07.11 (금) Adoptive transfer of anti-cancer immune cells : NK cell and T cell as new therapeutics 황유경(목암생명공학연구소)
2008.07.04 (금) The RANK-Id2 pathway in mammary gland development and breast cancer development 공영윤(포항공과대학교 생명과학과)
2008.06.27 (금) 세포주 개발과 관리
2008.05.30 (금) Genomic Stability regulated by Protein Modifier 김자은(경희대학교)
2008.05.23 (금) Integrin (alpha6beta4) regulation of cancer cell motility and invasion 정준(Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center)
2008.05.16 (금) Novel Trial Designs for Targeted Therapy J.Jack Lee(The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center)
2008.05.09 (금) Role of inflammatory leukotriene B4 pathway in cancer progression 김재홍(고려대학교)
2008.04.25 (금) Differential roles of PI3K p110gamma and p110delta in NK cell development and cytokine secretion 김나영(KIST-Europe Forschungsges)
2008.04.18 (금) Elucidation of DNA damage signaling network for the identification of novel anticancer targets 이재영(동국대학교)
2008.04.11 (금) Molecular mechanism of DNA mismatch repair:How to cleave and unwind the DNA
2008.04.04 (금) TK1-2, an angiogenesis inhibitor, effectively inhibits endothelial progenitor cell differentiation and its contribution to tumor angiogenesis in vivo 조영애(가톨릭대학교)
2008.03.28 (금) New players in the BRCA1-mediated DNA damage response pathway 김홍태(성균관대학교)
2008.03.21 (금) Novel phosphoinositide4 phosphate binding protein is required for Golgi architecture and function:Is it implicated for Cancer transformation? 이선경(University of California)
2008.03.14 (금) Pharmacogenetic prediction of irinotecan-related toxicity in pateints with advanced NSCLC 한지연(폐암연구과)
2008.03.07 (금) Application of novel in vitro transcriptional reactions to RNAi and RNA aptamer studies 김동호(Shinmyung B&F)
2008.02.29 (금) 꼬마선충에서 항암제 5-FU 작용과 핵산 합성 경로의 역할 심재갈(암실험자원연구과)
2008.02.22 (금) Mechanism of anticancer action of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid in hepatoma and cholangiocarcinoma cells 임규(충남대학교 의과대학)
2008.02.15 (금) Serum tumor markers in breast cancer Junichi Ku(Kawasaki Medical School)
2008.02.01 (금) 우리나라 암위험요인의 기여위험도 추정 및 암발생, 사망의 장기적 경향 추계 박소희(암등록통계과)
2008.01.25 (금) A Functional Genetic Approach Identifies the PI3K Pathway as a Major Determinant mTOR inhibitor in Ovary and Gynecologic Cancer 동승명(자궁암연구과)
2008.01.18 (금) Applications of knockout mice: an indispensable role for the Ets transcription factor ER71 in blood and vessel development 이호(암실험자원연구과)
2008.01.11 (금) 꼬마선충에서 항암제 5-FU 작용과 핵산 합성 경로의 역할
2008.01.04 (금) 첨부파일에 있습니다. 김상수(방사선의학연구과)
2007.12.28 (금) Inactivation of LLC1 gene in nonsmall cell lung cancer 홍경만(암실험자원연구과)
2007.12.14 (금) Understanding of Insulin Resistance: From Bench to Bed and Its role in Cancer
2007.12.07 (금) Transforming Viruses, Pathways and Tumour Biology IAN N. HAM(University of Manchester)
2007.11.30 (금) Cell fate decision of p53 is regulated by XAF1-ZNF313 complex in stressed cells 지성길(고려대학교)
2007.11.23 (금) microRNA in tumor progression;Therapeutic potential for the microRNA 박종배(뇌척수암연구과)
2007.11.16 (금) Identification of Molecular Markers Related to Liver Metastasis of Colorectal Cancers 장희진(대장암연구과)
2007.11.09 (금) Intervention to promote mammography use among Korean immigrant women in U.S. 김진희(University of Illinois at Chicago)
2007.11.02 (금) The development and evaluation of cancer prevention strategies in Japan: Introduction of the research group activity Dr. Inoue(일본국립암센터)
2007.10.26 (금) Role of HIF-1 in tumor promotion and HIF-1-based cancer therapy 박종완(서울대학교)
2007.10.19 (금) 천연물 유래 항암제의 개발-캄토벨과 CKD-732 최남송(종근당)
2007.10.12 (금) Broad anti-viral activity of group X secreted phospholipase A2 김재욱(National Institutes of Health)
2007.10.05 (금) Survivin Promoter-Driven Oncolytic Adenovirus for Cancer Gene Therapy 이강현 외 1인(이행성임상제2연구부)
2007.09.28 (금) 종양은행의 현황과 전망 이건국(폐암연구과)
2007.09.21 (금) COX-2 regulates EGFR via Erk activation and causes gefitinib resistance 표홍렬(폐암연구과)
2007.09.14 (금) Improving Her-2/neu detection method in Human Breast Cancer 이은숙(유방내분비암연구과)
2007.09.07 (금) Utility of circulating cell-free nucleic acids in lung cancer patients 윤경아(폐암연구과)
2007.08.31 (금) 암환자 삶의 질 향상 및 질적관리를 위한 근거중심의 맞춤형 중재프로그램 개발 윤영호(암관리사업부)
2007.08.24 (금) 암 세포에서 Stat3의 활성을 조절하는 인자의 탐색: The breast cancer cells with doxorubicin regulate both Jnk1 and Stat3 activation for their viability 윤성필(유방내분비암연구과)
2007.08.17 (금) Trials to Predict Chemo(radiation)-Therapy Response in Colorectal Cancer 유병철(대장암연구과)
2007.08.10 (금) The Role of viral oncoproteins E6 in Radiosensitivity of the Uterine cervical cancer 김주영(자궁암연구과)
2007.08.03 (금) Synthetic Nanomaterial-Based Biodiagnostics 남좌민(서울대학교)
2007.07.27 (금) The heat shock protein 90 inhibitor, geldanamycin induces apoptotic cell death in Epstein-Barr virus-positive NK/T cell lymphoma by Akt downregulation 김용연(소아암연구과)
2007.07.20 (금) Nano-molecular Imaging Using Antibody Conjugated Quantum Dots 강건욱(분자영상치료연구과)
2007.07.13 (금) 우리나라 암발생통계 (1999-2002) 와 생존율 (1993-2002) 신해림(암예방사업부)
2007.07.06 (금) Of Mice and men: The Role of Pyrin, the Familial Mediterranean Fever Protein, in Innate Immunity 최재진(National Institutes of Health)
2007.06.22 (금) 실험동물실 이용과 절차 김보라(동물실험실)
2007.06.08 (금) Role of Interferon in Hepatitis C Virus Infection 신의철(National Institutes of Health)
2007.06.01 (금) Nanoparticles for Bio-medical Applications 천진우(연세대학교)
2007.05.25 (금) Effect of fruit/vegetables on lymphocyte DNA damage: Human Intervention Trials 강명희(한남대학교)
2007.05.18 (금) Toward data reusability and interoperability : why standardized terminologies matter? 김현의(Harvard Medical School)
2007.05.11 (금) BioMEMS and Lab-on-a-Chip Based Cell Handling System 정찬일(나노엔텍)
2007.05.04 (금) Acid on Helicobacter pylori infection 최일주(위암연구과)
2007.04.27 (금) Inhibiting inhibitors ; Basis for T cell Immunotherapy 최경호(뇌척수암연구과)
2007.04.20 (금) Early low dose steroid therapy in postoperative ARDS 조재일(폐암연구과)
2007.04.13 (금) 근거기반의 암정보 프로그램 연구 장윤정(암정보교육과)
2007.04.06 (금) Costimulation-targeted Immunotherapy against Cancers 권병세(울산대학교)
2007.03.30 (금) Adoptive T cell Immunotherapy for CMV Disease in BMT Patient ; The Cornerstone of Cancer Immunotherapy 임종백(연세대학교 의과대학)
2007.03.23 (금) Preclinical translational researches for the brain metastasis 남도현(삼성서울병원)
2007.03.16 (금) Differential Immunization을 이용한 혈액암 세포표면 항원에 대한 단클론 항체의 개발 박원서(혈액암연구과)
2007.03.09 (금) The roles of homeobox genes in cellular differentiation and their implications for cancer development 이한솔(인하대학교)
2007.03.02 (금) Development & Evaluation of Cancer Risk Prediction Models 남병호(암통계연구과)
2007.02.23 (금) Circulating angiogenic factors in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
2007.02.16 (금) Molecular Staging of Prostate Cancer
2007.02.09 (금) The role of O-GlcNAc modification in control of signal transduction and cellular function
2007.02.02 (금) Discovery of novel inhibitors for cancer therapy
2007.01.26 (금) Protease-mediated Near Infrared Fluorescence Tumor Imaging & Photodynamic Therapy
2006.12.29 (금) SUMO-Specific Protease SUSP4 Positively Regulates p53 Tumor Suppressor by Promoting Mdm2 Self-Ubiquitination
2006.12.22 (금) Post-transcriptional Control in Cancer
2006.12.08 (금) Thermosensitive polymer hydrogels for anticancer drug delivery system
2006.12.01 (금) C/EBP a is a DNA damage-inducible p53-regulated
2006.11.24 (금) Genomic Predictors of Prognosis and Response to Systemic Therapy
2006.11.17 (금) Sphingolipid modulator: the candidate for antiinflammatory and antiangiogenic drug
2006.11.10 (금) Gene-Environment Interaction: Design and Statistical Analysis
2006.11.03 (금) mTOR and Cancer Therapy; Activation Akt Survival Pathways by Rapamycin Mediated mTOR Inhibition in Endometrial Carcinoma
2006.10.27 (금) Genomics Applications in Cancer Research
2006.10.20 (금) Zebrafish model for the study of cancer biology-towards modeling human cancer
2006.10.13 (금) RGS2 promotes formation of neurites by stimulating microtubule polymerization
2006.09.29 (금) 마우스 유전자 적중을 이용한 발암모델 개발
2006.09.22 (금) Integrative Functional Genomics to Decode Human Cancer Signatures
2006.09.15 (금) Structural and functional studies of human Janus kinase 2 & Structural genomics of Helicobacter pylori proteins
2006.09.08 (금) 꼬마선충을 활용한 항암제 작용 및 내성 기작 연구
2006.08.25 (금) Predictors of Response to EGF Receptor Inhitibitors
2006.08.18 (금) Stata and The Newcomer